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The Millionaire Obsession

The Millionaire Obsession


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The Millionaire Obsession






The Millionaire Obsession

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"Stay back Roman , Don't come near me I am warning you . please let me go . You can't keep me here forcefully ". At that moment my back collided with the wall and i knew there was no way of escaping, I was trapped with the monster hovering over me . Seeing him too close to me his minty breath fanning my face i closed my eyes tightly. "Love you are home. " He cooed ."You are my possession. I love you and you are mine and only mine " I tried to get away from him as he whispered to me but he was quick to lift me off the floor in his arms and then he sealed my faith with a kiss. A tear rolled down my eyes . I knew i was his obsession and he would never let me go . My faith was sealed in this mansion with him whether I like it or not .