the god of cells in league of legends
16 Ixtal 04 Tyler“s Cruelty 01
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the god of cells in league of legends
Author :AvatarOFInfinite
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16 Ixtal 04 Tyler“s Cruelty 01


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................................................... Tomorrow I don't know if I will write another chapter, so I am posting this extra today!.................

A feeling of pure hatred enters Tyler's Heart.

When he completes this MISSION he will do a great deal of damage in this City.

Outside the room!


(Ariela): He's as cute as he begs for mercy.

I really am in love.

(Qiyana): So this is the man my sisters were talking about.

And you all want him to be ridiculous!

I wasted my time, I thought he would be someone Worthy of my body.

You can have this trash.

(Mara): Even though he is in this shameful state, my female instinct is still telling me telo in my hands.

I can feel something very dangerous like I'm waiting for something to wake up.

(Flora): Such a handsome young man,

I hope he doesn't get his memories back, he has to be mine.

The sisters look at each other as if a very exotic item is for sale at an auction.

They are ready to compete for the handsome young man who fell from the sky.

And this causes great jealousy and envy in the other servants / guards, as most of them like the princesses but they can't expose their feelings, because that would be a direct attack on the princess's image.


With a big sick smile the Interrogator continues to torture Tyler mercilessly.

But he doesn't know that when he finishes telling the story to Tyler,

They will unleash a monster that will turn this city into a river of blood.

(Questioner): As I was saying When one day humans arrived on the islands, they also thrived in the abundance of the region and created a society of intellectuals dedicated to studying the mysteries of the world. Although Maokai was aware of their presence, he saw how they respected the holiness of the region. Feeling the deep magic that emanated from the woods, humans built their houses in areas that did not have many trees, so as not to disturb the spirits of nature. Maokai would occasionally come to those he trusted and talk a little about the verdant islands and even his greatest gift - the subterranean spring capable of healing deadly wounds.

Centuries passed and Maokai lived in peace and contentment when a troop of soldiers landed on the shores of the islands. Maokai sensed that something was very wrong. Their king, maddened by the pain of mourning, carried his queen's body and, to resurrect her, bathed her decomposing flesh in the healing waters. Revived as a rotting corpse, the queen begged to die again. The king tried to reverse what he had done and inadvertently cast a curse on the region.

Leagues away, Maokai felt the first signs of the disaster that would soon devastate the islands. He sensed a terrible force forming beneath the earth and shivered.

As the ruin spread, Maokai dug his roots into the earth and drank the healing waters, soaking every fiber of his being with the magic of the waters. Before the curse struck him, Maokai removed the roots of the earth, destroying all roads to the source. He howled with rage to see that the holy spring that he had entrusted to men was destroyed - a whirlpool formed underwater decimating all its purity.
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But before I continue this story.

(Questioner): Tell me does it hurt ??

He presses the pliers against one finger, and looks into Tyler's eyes, for some reason he feels a sinister shiver all over his body.

Still, he doesn't stop and pull a whole finger out of Tyler's hands.



The warm blood begins to splash on Tyler's face.

Such an ominous and overwhelming hatred invades Tyler's heart that he can't keep his eyes dry.

Tears begin to trickle down Tyler's face.

But they are not tears of fear, but tears of hate.

(Questioner): This cry tear tears I love it.

Continuing the story

Moments later, the mist that covered the islands turned black and spread throughout the region, imprisoning everyone in a perverse state between life and death. Powerless, Maokai watched in distress as everything he knew — plants, nature spirits, animals, and humans — turned into frightening shadows. His fury grew; the beauty he had cultivated from tiny seedlings was ruined in a moment by the careless hands of men.

The debilitating mist swirled around Maokai, and he wept as he saw the vibrant flowers that graced his shoulders fall to the ground and turn to dust. When the mist sucked in its essence, it shuddered into a mass of twisted roots and tangled logs. But Maokai's wooden heart was drenched in precious invigorating water and that saved him from a terrible fate.

The region was flooded with grotesque haunts and repulsive creatures, and Maokai was dominated by a legion of inanimate men. He violently struck the spirits with his trunk-shaped limbs and realized that the force of their strokes turned them to dust. Maokai was disgusted: he had never killed before. He lunged frantically at the creatures, but another hundred of them leaned over him, forcing him to retreat.

With his decimated home and his companions transformed into terrible lifeless creatures, Maokai was tempted to try to escape the island nightmare. But deep in his deformed structure, he knew the holy waters were giving him strength. He had survived the Ruin carrying the very heart of the islands within him, and he would not leave his home now. As the first spirit of the Blessing Islands, he would stay and fight for the soul of his land.

Though always surrounded by the dark mist and hordes of malicious enemies, Maokai struggles vigorously to master the evil that ravages the islands. His only pleasure was the brutal attacks he unleashed on the heartless ghosts that haunted the region.

Some days, Maokai manages to subdue the mist and its immortal spirits, freeing a thicket or thicket from its domain. Although, for an entire age, no new life has prospered in this cursed land, Maokai continues to carve havens free of sadness and decay, even if temporary.

If Maokai continues to fight, hope will survive, for deep within his heart are the untouched toning waters and the last chance to invigorate the essence of the islands. If the island returns to its state of splendor, Maokai will also get rid of its irregular shape. This spirit of nature has long brought these islands to life, and he refuses to abandon them before they flourish again.

At that moment A sound expected with all of Tyler's strength comes to mind.


(System): WARNING!


+100 experience !!

Generating useful reward for the USER!

REWARD: Saiyan lineage <<

REWARD: Alucard Bloodline <<

Reward: Bloodline randomly <<

Please choose one of the three options.

Note: as this is your first mission you will receive a bonus!

A Free Transformation!

Tyler hearing this starts to laugh like crazy making everyone amazed.

For some unknown reason everyone near this place can feel a sinister Cold in their souls.

Tyler does not think twice and chooses the Sayajin lineage, he knows this race.

Because in His ancient world, there was a drawing called Dragon Ball.

And these chains only saddle magic!

Vital Energy ie Ki!

She can't seal it.

Tyler says in his mind.

Choose the first option!

And activate everything right away!

Both lineage and transformation.

(System): Transforming your body!

Installation made with SUCCESS!

Tyler feels his blood boil and an aggressive and sinister energy spreads throughout his body.

* BOOM *

A great surge of energy shudders the entire room!

* BOOM *

An extremely Wild golden light illuminates everything!

And from within that energy!

You can hear a voice full of anger!

Telling everyone to listen!






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If you don't give it a grade, it discourages me a lot.

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    《the god of cells in league of legends》