the god of cells in league of legends
15 Ixtal 03 Playing with fire!
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the god of cells in league of legends
Author :AvatarOFInfinite
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15 Ixtal 03 Playing with fire!


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(Tyler) I ... I'm alive ???

How am i alive ???

I was supposed to be dead right now how is this possible ??

(System): Child!

You don't know anything yet!

There are things in these infinite multiverse that if you do not have a great mental force in your spirit.

I'm sure you got crazy.

Get ready your adventure is just beginning.

(Tyler): Perfect!

(System): Skill ready to be used again!

Tyler gives a strange smile that chills Ariela's spine.

(Ariela): Who are you? !!

How did you get to this place ????

Tyler gives a warm, caring smile, he thinks quickly in his mind,

I have to fool them all.

First I have to earn the trust of this girl, by the way she is very powerful in this place, and best of all she has a simply juicy body.

(Tyler): I ... I .... I don't remember

(Tyler): who am I ??

(Ariela): Smile like a simply radiant star!

Cranberry thinks in his mind if he doesn't remember anything.

I can have him for me, and my parents won't be able to complain, because he knows nothing.

Ariela looks at the interrogator and asks can I take him from this place ???

(Questioner): Princess you are very innocent, how do you know he is not lying ??

First I have to make sure that he really doesn't remember anything and anyone.

You better leave because I haven't finished my work yet.

Ariela looks at Tyler for the last time, and blinks an eye, then she turns and leaves the room.

Tyler makes sure not to laugh and ruin his cover.

Tyler thinks in his mind, which innocent girl these are the best.

After the princess left the Interrogator turned to Tyler and said with a sinister smile.

(Questioner): Do you think I don't know that you're lying ????
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We have wizards ready to heal you when you are about to die.

You better tell the truth because otherwise your life will be hell!

The Interrogator makes some signs and various tools materialize on the floor.

Tyler shivers down his spine.

Tyler thinks in his mind.

Did this damn find me out ???

But when did he find out ??

Don't wait, he's bluffing.

Damn I don't wanna suffer but!

Tyler screams in his mind!


I don't want to be tortured!

Damn so much for you to put me you choose this damn continent!

(System): WARNING!



(Tyler): FUCK MISSION I just want to get out of this damn place!

Take off these chains of min!

I can burn this whole place without these chains.



Use your words to try to influence him.

Make him tell you what you need to know.

(Tyler): SYSTEM you're a disgrace!

(System): WARNING!

you are going to be tortured!

Not me! HAHAHAHAH (Evil Laughter)



(Tyler): Damn it !!

You put me here on purpose!

You want me to complete the missions for you to level up!


I really don't know what you're talking about. (:


The Interrogator takes a pair of pliers and holds a nail from Tyler's right hand.

He looks into Tyler's eyes again and asks Who are you are you ??????

You better answer me if not I'll tear every bit of your nails out.

Do you have any involvement with the big explosion in the shadow islands?

Tyler can feel the Interrogator's burning desire.

Tyler Realizes that this Man is not balanced he is very sadistic.

(Tyler): I ... I ... Wait ..... this name is very familiar What is the shadow islands ???

Tyler wastes no time and begins his mental game with the Interrogator.

(Interrogator). Are you know that name!

I'll tell you what the shadow islands are about.

But first I will refresh your memory with Blood!

All the princesses told me that I couldn't stain that beautiful little face of yours.

But they said nothing about their nails.



Damn you!

For the first time, Tyler wanted to be stronger.

A feeling of helplessness filled his little heart.

Tyler feels a horrible pain entering his brain.

He looks at his hand and notices that he has lost a nail.

(Tyler): That name tells me what shadow islands are, maybe I can remember my memories.

A sinister smile appears on the Interrogator's sick face.

He is feeling pleasure to see Tyler feel pain.

(Questioner): As I was saying.

Legend has it that Maokai is a great enraged being fighting the supernatural terrors of the Shadow Islands. He became a vengeful force after a magical cataclysm destroyed his home, surviving only through the waters of life that are infused at its core. Once a peaceful spirit of nature, Maokai now struggles furiously to banish the scourges of the Shadow Island's undead and restore his home to its former beauty.

(Questioner): But before I finish let's get another nail to refresh but a little bit of your memories.

Raasg .....

Haaaaaaa! .....

(Tyler): stop stop please just tell me what is this shadow islands.

Tyler makes sure not to ruin the cover.

In his thoughts Tyler is smiling, for he knows that when the Interrogator finishes telling his Shadow Island story, Tyler will destroy this entire place.

They only realized when it's too late.

(Questioner): That begs, I love this face, I like to see the suffering on the faces of my victims.

The Questioner doesn't know he's just walking into the abyss that Tyler is pointing to.

Tyler hides the smile in his mind, and mentally says run it tell me, what is this shadow island.

Cause when you tell me,

You had awakened a Demon on this continent!

(Interrogator): Continuing what I was saying long before the world was world, a succession of islands emerged from the depths of the ocean like blank pages of rock and clay. Along with the creation of the islands, the spirit of Maokai was born. It took the form of an entity, with a tall body covered with bark and long limbs that resembled logs. Maokai felt the deep loneliness of that region and its enormous potential for growth. He roamed the region, island after island, searching for signs of life, feeling increasingly helpless in his solitude.

On one island, mountainous and covered with rich, moist soil, Maokai felt an abundant energy emanating from the depths of the earth. He buried his huge roots in the soil until they reached a toning, magical water spring from which he drank greedily. With this potent liquid, he managed to generate hundreds of seedlings and planted them on all the islands.

Soon the region was littered with verdant forests, tall pine woods, and tangled woods - all steeped in incredible magic. Enormous trees with leafy canopies and thick, stout roots covered the islands with rich, verdant foliage. The lush vegetation attracted the spirits of nature and animals began to emerge in the fertile grass.

But first let's get another nail out, to see if you understand what I'm talking about.

(Tyler): No please!

I swear I don't know anything or where I came from.

Just tell me the whole story I promise to tell you everything I remember.

(Questioner): This is just wonderful!

I love this face!

In Tyler's thoughts!

(Tyler): I will drink your Blood when I leave this place I will sink your soul into eternal suffering.


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If you don't give it a grade, it discourages me a lot.

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    《the god of cells in league of legends》