the god of cells in league of legends
10 QIYANA! The Empress of the Elements!
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the god of cells in league of legends
Author :AvatarOFInfinite
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10 QIYANA! The Empress of the Elements!


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As the youngest daughter of a ruling family, Qiyana grew up believing that she would never inherit Yun Tal's throne. His parents ruled Ixaocan, a city-state hidden in the jungles of Ixtal, and raised their daughters to succeed them, conveying the proud traditions of their isolated nation. Prepared to rule before her, Qiyana's nine older sisters received the most attention, and she longed to gain her own place of importance in the family.

This place became clear the day the young woman began to learn Ixtal's ancient elemental magic. Shortly after beginning her lessons, she realized that she had been blessed with extraordinary talent. Although only seven years old, Qiyana mastered advanced techniques within a few weeks, while some of her sisters still did not understand the basics after years of study.

One by one, Qiyana surpassed her sisters in the elemental arts, and the more she progressed, the more her resentment grew. Why did her parents waste so much effort preparing their clearly inferior sisters? Each time they were chosen to preside over the great rituals that hid Ixtal from the outside world, Qiyana displayed frustration, provoking fights to prove their worth. It wasn't long before Inessa, the older sister and immediate successor, became the target of Qiyana's aggression.

Instead of softening the conflict, Inessa was annoyed by her sister's disrespect, twelve years younger than her. As the two grew older, their words grew harsher, culminating in Inessa's physical threats and a challenge from Qiyana: they would decide who was the strongest in a combat ritual, so that every Ixaocan could see and by right. succeed your parents. Inessa accepted the challenge to teach her sister the humility she lacked.

When the challenge was over, Inessa would never walk again, while Qiyana had not suffered a single scratch.

The young woman was eager to take her place as a legitimate heiress, but her parents were furious at her actions. They denied the prize, as tradition decreed that Qiyana was always tenth in line of succession to the throne of Yun Tal. Despite the bitter news, the girl soon discovered that the duel had spread her elemental dexterity throughout Ixaocan. Finally, Qiyana found something she had never had before: respect.

This respect soon became an addiction. Qiyana felt a burning need to be recognized for her exceptional abilities. Indeed, all of Ixaocan should be proud and subdue the world with their powerful elemental magic. Instead, the people hid from foreign explorers and miners who ravaged the jungle at their borders.

At his parents' court, Qiyana set out his ambitions: to drive out the miners and restore the lands. However, his idea was rejected. Contact with the "outsiders" would only bring hatred, war and disease to the region, undermining what his dynasty had protected all these centuries. Qiyana, worried and eager to show her strength to the world, was determined to prove her parents wrong.

Acting against the family's wishes, Qiyana broke into the mining area and killed everyone but one. Seeing the man's eyes wide with fear, Qiyana knew his message would be spread: he would tell everyone in this "Piltiova" about the great elementalist who completely destroyed their mine.

In Ixaocan, Qiyana proudly took credit for the massacre, infuriating his parents. They said the Piltovo merchants were sending more miners and armed men into the jungle. Qiyana's parents would not risk their unruly daughter drawing even more foreigners to the borders and, regretting the move, ordered her to be arrested for her crime.

While being detained, several court elementalists came to her defense. Claiming that the elemental talent exhibited in the jungle had never been seen before, they convinced Qiyana's parents that she should help them energize and defend the city. Qiyana was released as she vowed new vows of allegiance to the elders and vowed never to interact with any outsiders.

As a growing number of admirers showed support for Qiyana, she finally realized her true place in the world. It holds much stronger power than tradition and will climb the steps of succession at all costs.

Qiyana is the greatest elementalist the world has ever seen. The inevitable ruler of Ixaocan and the future empress of all Ixtal.


Future Time after the great magic nuclear explosion!

SETTING: Ixaocan

Qiyana and her sisters were gathered at the Royal Palace in the main city of the IXTAL mainland.

they were arguing urgently about the extremely strange event.

that drove all sorts of creatures all of a sudden crazy.

When suddenly A big blast!


everyone thought it was some creature attacking the city.

But they could only see one big crater and no movement.

After a while the dust settled, a well-spotted, tanned body that exuded the sinister energy they had been feeling.

Such a beautiful body!

It is defined that women who looked at the body felt lust.

Tomorrow I don't know if there will be a chapter.

so I am posting this extra today!


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    《the god of cells in league of legends》