the god of cells in league of legends
8 Islands of shadow 05 If I die, I will take you all with me!
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the god of cells in league of legends
Author :AvatarOFInfinite
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8 Islands of shadow 05 If I die, I will take you all with me!


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Tyler looks back and soon see a completely disfigured woman a true lady of hell.

(Kalista): Your hands are dirty with blood!

No use running away from your sins!

I'll have my revenge!



The System will hold onto your soul if you die!

(Tyler): blood ?????

Among all here in this WORLD I STILL KILLED NO ONE !!!!!!

But now you two will be the first! I will destroy your existence!

Tyler unleashes his magic energy to the fullest!

* BOOM *

Tyler concentrates his magical energy, And materializes a sword of light.

Made with magic.

(System): WARNING!

This sword will consume energy Per minute!

After preparing Tyler looks at both and says smiling!

I promised that I would never run away in fear again!

Even if I die !!!

I will NOT break this promise!

I want to LIVE!!!

(Hecarim): I don't wanna know about your promises I just wanna kill you!

Destroying you I want to make you suffer!

Kalista wastes no time and throws a spectral spear that hits the shores of Tyler with great precision.

But the magic energy layer holds the spear again.

Tyler cannot react as the spear was thrown at him with great speed.

Even so Tyler does not lose calm.

Tyler focuses his magical energy and forms two gigantic Fireballs!

He also wastes no time and responds towards the kalista with two Balls of magic fire.


Hecarim wastes no time and runs at full speed towards Tyler.

Hecarim cuts toward Tyler's neck.

But Tyler responds faster and deflects with great difficulty.

And counter the spear of Hecarim with all his might.

* BOOM *

a big wave of energy!


(Elise): What an interesting man even in the middle of this hell!

He is smiling.

But for some reason I feel like I've met this Boy somewhere.

They are struggling near the library!

This is impossible this man!

I'm sure THAT MAN is not that weak coward I killed his family.

He did nothing but keep silent And afraid.

While their relatives died in cold blood.

A real coward!

But this man is completely different!

He does not fear death.

(I think I'm in love.)

(read slowly!)

Elise doesn't know this warrior wizard.

It's the same man she had left to die for.

Only the difference is that an emperor's soul is now in Mizek's body.


Tyler defends himself against Hecarim's attack with great difficulty.

Hecarim's attacks are so heavy that they make Tyler's arms numb.

Tyler takes two steps back, then he looks at Hecarim and prepares to jump.

When Tyler took his foot off the floor.

Kalista directs another spear at untold speed toward Tyler.

That successfully penetrates the Tyler Barrier!

(System): WARNING!

You suffered a lethal attack!

You're bleeding!

Hecarim wastes no time and gathers all his strength and cuts towards Tyler!

* BOOM *

Tyler's Energy Barrier Can't Support Two Lethal Attacks!

The barrier breaks and the spear cuts toward Tyler's flesh.

Blood everywhere.

Hecarim begins to smile as he sees the blood dripping.

Tyler falls to the ground saying in his mind I can't die here!

I can not die here!

At least if I die I have to take all of you together with me.

The spear cut his new body like paper!

(Kalista): Your witchcraft couldn't kill me!

It was pretty weak so to speak!

But today will be the day I'll have my revenge!

And you will be one of us little King!

Come command us again forever!

If you die on this island you have nowhere to run!

Tyler was already losing confidence in surviving when suddenly.

read slowly!



Tyler starts to laugh like he's crazy!

(Hecarim): Everyone loses their sanity after they are near death!

(Kalista): But a soul for this damn place!

Hecarim and Kalista innocently think Tyler is terrified

For fear of dying.

If they both knew what Tyler was thinking right now, they would both run faster than lightning across the heavens.

Tyler activates his ability and begins to multiply cells with magic.

He created a plan in his head!

If he can't kill these two then he will destroy this entire island!

Tyler nuclear power has to spare.

because what makes up nuclear energy is simply an atom with energy.

There are several ways to create a nuclear reaction by creating a nuclear fission or a nuclear fusion.

Nuclear fusion is the best way to generate energy as we can use magic energy ie.

the energy that is most abundant in the entire League Of Legends universe!

in nuclear fusion we get two light atoms like magic energy we fuse it and as a result we have another heavier element. and in this fusion the atoms release so much energy = 30 Million times the power of coal!

Now imagine 30 million multiplied several times.

Tyler starts infinitely multiplying magic cells!

After multiplying the cells Tyler begins by fusing these cells, thus generating energy with fusion.

Tyler was so focused on generating cells.

Within seconds Tyler had the energy to destroy half the island.

Tyler on his last breath screams loudly for the whole island to hear!


CURSES !!!!!!!!!!
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    《the god of cells in league of legends》