the god of cells in league of legends
7 Islands of Shadow 04
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the god of cells in league of legends
Author :AvatarOFInfinite
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7 Islands of Shadow 04


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Tyler can feel the energy screaming in his veins.

In every part of the body, Tyler can feel the magical energy.

Tyler is amazed at how much energy is in his body, as if he were a small atomic bomb.

Tyler smiles and stands up.

He promises to himself! That from now on he will never run away or hide from anyone, he will destroy everyone who provokes him!

It concentrates your energy and forms a gigantic fireball!

He throws this fireball toward the specters.

* BOOM *

A big noise!

After the noise ends.

comes a big wave old energy, this energy is so old and pure that it makes the spectra freeze!

Because they are in this eternal punishment because of .... ???????

They cannot allow this new being to take the sword of the old ... ?????

All inhabitants of the island are warned that a major threat lies in the archipelago.

(Hecarim): Such an old energy cannot be! I WON'T BE CONTROLED AGAIN!

You can't come back to life!

This is completely impossible!

Maybe you are a direct descendant of him ... but I don't care.

It's been a long time since someone brave or crazy had the courage to break into this cursed place.

(Kalista): this energy!

Reminds me .... TRAITORS MUST DIE !!!

I'll have my revenge!!

Kalista in a moment of extreme rage runs as if one does not hear tomorrow towards the energy

from Tyler.

(thresh):this energy of yours reminds me of ........

Thousands of years have passed, it is impossible for him to return to Life.

The old Rune Wars were long ago how can anyone with this energy exist?

(karthus):I don't care who you are, it doesn't matter that you are a direct descendant of him ...

All in the end end up like us!

The only difference is that you will be a commanding specter like us.

Everyone at the End becomes like Me in love with Death!

Even the strongest in the end die!

From this place you can't run away.

(yorick):I have lived too long!

In this place without hope I hope my death will come soon.

our ruin was the madness of a passionate king.

no matter how strong you are

In the end everyone goes crazy when they lose those they love the most.

can you undo this curse?

For if they catch you I will bury your body when they finish the service!

Remember immortality is not a blessing but a curse.

(MAOKAI):this place was once a beautiful and prosperous kingdom.

but because of blind love, this beautiful place has turned into a hell that holds your soul forever and torments you in this place.

this energy I remember is very similar to his .....

he had no children, so what kind of demonic creature can have such an ancient magic: ????

(elise):A woman like me needs a strong prince like that!

This ancient energy can make me a great viscountess in any nation in the world.

I need him.

I will not be alone in NOXUS but I will be able to visit any other country.

maybe the black rose my dear (LeBlanc) can reward me for grabbing such a strong prince


Tyler burned the entire library!

casting Balls of fire as if no end heard


a few seconds later!


"Screams of Pain-Spectrum"

have mercy, little king!

what did we do wrong: ???


Tyler was so focused on clearing a way for him to leave the library that he didn't even realize that his magic had leaked and caught the attention of the strongest beings in this place.

Tyler opens a passage outside the library by destroying a wall.


When he looks out, a sad and sinister sight is spotted by Tyler.

Thousands of souls screaming for mercy but they are ignored and forced to fight.

a big spectrum full of fire Green that looks like a centaur half man and half horse, appears screaming FIGHT ME !!!!!

This damn horse has a spear in his hand.

and this spear has great magic properties, for some reason Tyler may feel that this weapon is dangerous.

Tyler is tense because this fight will be hard! he can feel that this horse is not weak.

Tyler looks into the centaur's eyes and realizes that not sanity he is completely insane.

like a bloodthirsty wolf.

Tyler focuses his magical energy on himself by making a large protective layer with his magical energy.

they both stare at each other as if two hungry wolves are about to fight for a piece of meat!

Just as Tyler was about to throw a fireball at Hecarim.

he feels a twinge in his back.
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Tyler looks back in amazement and see a large spear of bloodthirsty green fire wanting to pierce his ribs.

but the protective layer is strong enough to hold the boom.

Hecarim seems to know this spear.

he looks at Tyler and says laughing!

It seems that the time of our revenge has come dear king!


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If you don't give it a grade, it discourages me a lot.

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Porem a magia de Tyler é tão pura e antiga que os tesouros do cofre da ilha começam a confundir essa energia com a Do antigo donos deles.

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    《the god of cells in league of legends》