the god of cells in league of legends
6 Ilhas das sombras 03 Transformação de Células!
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the god of cells in league of legends
Author :AvatarOFInfinite
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6 Ilhas das sombras 03 Transformação de Células!


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(System): WARNING!


Tyler sighs and says.

(Tyler): Until it wasn't too bad to wait.

With this time meditating already know what to do!

I realized that this body has a very faint LINE of a magical warrior.

But it is so weak and impure this line that I can not even feel the magical energy in my body.

But what if I multiply the few magic cells infinitely ?????

Or better yet what if I modify them so that they are bigger and stronger and thus multiply them infinitely ????

Tyler makes a sinister and dangerous smile. (:

But first I need a more hidden spot, these specters that are trapped in this damn eternal torment can try to attack me if they feel any radical change in min.

Even if they don't care about me, I can't risk it.

Tyler gets up and starts walking very slowly, he hides in the tightest and most hidden place possible.

He hides behind 5 shelves full of ancient scrolls.

In a place where no one should have a vision of him at the time of his transformation.

The scrolls are so dense that no one can see Tyler from afar.

First I need to evolve my muscles and change my appearance,

I will put golden hair and golden eyes and a brunette skin without any blemish!

With this ability I will be the Most Beautiful King of this World.



And your body can suffer mutations in the process!

(Tyler): I don't care about the pain!

Since I came into this world, I was suffering the worst pain anyone could ever experience.

So the pain for me is the best of my wives.

If Mutations are bad I can just remove with my SKILL! So I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Tyler gets a few minutes mentally what he's going to do!

For he can not lose a second!

After mentalizing the whole process Tyler kicks in!

Sinister, tormenting pain invades Tyler's entire body as if he is being torn.

The hair on his head starts to fall like he's dying, Tyler's eyeballs start to bleed like he's being forced to do something.

The color of your skin turns into a freak full black parts another white part, one arm turns and turns yellow.

At this stage of transformation Tyler turned into a devilish freak.

Tyler begins by modifying and evolving the few magic cells that are in his blood.

Tyler has increased the capacity of cells so they can store triple magical energy more than usual! That is 3 times stronger than the old wizards.

A mutated cell is very strong!

Tyler Waste no time and start multiplying it like crazy!

Tyler fuses the magic cells with the non magic ones making the cells stronger and firmer!

After fusing and multiplying your cells Tyler begins to calibrate your Melanin completely transforming the color of your entire body!

That weirdness that was before now begins to change and self-calibrate, within a few seconds a beautiful perfect dark skin without a spot appears all over the body.

Tyler seeing that his time is running out he begins to get anxious!

Eyeballs are one of the most complex and delicate structures in the human body. Each part that forms the anatomy of the eye is responsible for an activity. Together they allow us to see clearly and clearly. Many of these parts work together, or in sequence.

Sweat and blood wet Tyler all over!

Tyler carefully begins altering his DNA by automatically changing the color of his eyes.

Soon after Tyler multiplies the cells of his eyes so that they are stronger and brighter! (Surely anyone who looks into Tyler's eyes will love him as a Type of deity)

After you finish your eyes. Tyler run with even more anxiety!

For only 12 seconds left!

The root is implanted at 5 mm inside the scalp, inside the hair follicle, the hair production unit. Each day, our hair follicles produce millions of new keratinocytes, which produce keratin, a fibrous protein that makes up hair and makes it solid.

Tyler Waste no time and quickly modify your DNA making your hair color change,

After that it multiplies the cells within the hair root to grow faster and brighter.
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Tyler finishes his transformation right in time!

The 1 minute and 20 seconds was enough!

After operation Tyler hears a well-known mechanical voice.




Tyler smiles, and grits his teeth to make no noise.

After a few minutes the pain begins to subside, and Tyler sighs and says!

I got it (HAHAHAHA evil laughs) It's not that I'm too much!

A true God!

But I still have a long way to go to the level of divinity.


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send stones of power !!!!!

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If you don't give it a grade, it discourages me a lot.

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    《the god of cells in league of legends》