the god of cells in league of legends
3 Welcome to the big fantasy! 02
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the god of cells in league of legends
Author :AvatarOFInfinite
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3 Welcome to the big fantasy! 02


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(God of the World): Child don't let me down!

I will send you to another world, where the limit of the world is only your imagination.

Tyler begins to process what is happening, and for some reason he is not afraid or desperate as if his soul's dream of being free again is about to be realized.

He smiles and says, So you killed me?

God = yes it was me!

You asked with all your might!

Then I will fulfill your wish, but for you to reach this new world you will have to suffer a little!

It depends on your willpower!

Will you really want to ???

Tyler yells without thinking twice!



even if I have to walk over hell!

BUT PLEASE! remove me from this eternal boredom WHAT IS KILLING ME TO FEW!

The God of a smile and looks at Tyler, with a mischievous smile.

He snaps his fingers and then, a portal rips physical and spiritual reality.


* BOOM *

Enter this portal!

And you will be reincarnated into a random person in another World!

But I warn you!

You will feel a terrible and agonizing pain! In when you are being transported.

It will depend on your will, if you are strong enough to be able to resist you will reach the other world easily!

But if you do not resist you will get lost in space and time! And it will be forgotten forever!

Tyler looks at the pulsing wound in reality that opens and closes, distorting and changing everything that touches.
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Tyler may feel that this wound is actually much more than a mere portal!

But still he dives without thinking twice!

* BOOM *

The portal automatically closes after Tyler has dived headfirst into the portal!

(God of the World): Mwahahaha, muwhahaha, muahahaha. (Evil laugh)

I lied to you!

If you resist the portal and keep your mind conscious you will suffer as much as you are aware!

This portal is not much different from the others but if you resist you will suffer when you are alive!

Mwahahaha , muwhahaha ,HAHSHAHAHAHAHA""

You can easily pass if you can't resist the portal!

This is for you to learn never to try to curse my peaceful world again!

But as I am not an unjust God I will reward you if your willpower surprises me!

So surprise me (: you will get a one chance!


The servants broke the news that their King died poisoned!

It was so rare news that it amazed the whole world! All the women at the banquet were brutally murdered because they were the only ones who were with him!

They all died innocently!


* Inside the dimensional portal *

Upon entering the portal Tyler arrives in a completely dark open space!

As if Tyler was blind from all senses, he can't feel, see, hear, as if he's been Really dead!

How long have I been here ????

1 minute ? 1 hour ? 1 day ? 1 year 1 century ???

Nesse lugar Não existe o conceito de tempo.

But suddenly a multicolored ray of light pierces Tyler's soul!


Just after the multicolored lightning bolted through Tyler's soul!

An agonizing pain penetrates your being!

It was such an excruciating pain that Tyler almost lost consciousness,

he says with a smile (: (Tyler): I won't lose! I can still stand it!

(God of the world): He endured the first spiral of energy,

This little creature has an admirable will for a mere human.

Let's see how far this little child can go without losing spiritual awareness.

* BOOM *

The once dark place now begins to become extremely alive and colorful.

Rays and more rays forming spirals of latent energy!

Tyler without a protection gets infinite spirals in his soul!

* BOOM *

Tyler feels like he's being burned alive! As if thousands of hot ants were biting your skin!

A tormenting pain!

Tyler Can't keep his concentration and for the first time in many years he feels fear and despair. He does not want to die right now that he has managed to escape his boredom.

The pain is so excruciating that Tyler starts screaming unconsciously.

(Tyler): No...n....o..... can I ...p....loses the ....c....d....consciousness...

After 10 seconds of pure torment Tyler Can not stand and faint spiritually.

(God of the world): HAHAHAHAH what an interesting child could handle 10 seconds!

There are few beings with courage enough to receive pure energy spirals in their soul.

Child may feel privileged,

because they are extremely rare beings who can make me feel respect.

As promised I will reward you!

The God concentrates a large amount of energy in his hand and teleports the energy ball directly to Tyler's soul, which immediately merges with his soul.

Child the world you are going to is very violent and dark!

Be careful, don't let the world discover your treasure! For otherwise you will become wanted throughout the universe.

Wish you have a good adventure!

After that Tyler's soul begins to travel at untold speeds trillions of times the speed of light.

And the scary thing is that the speed keeps increasing.


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send stones of power !!!!!

send presents too!

If you don't give it a grade, it discourages me a lot.

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    《the god of cells in league of legends》