the god of cells in league of legends
2 Welcome to the big fantasy! 01
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the god of cells in league of legends
Author :AvatarOFInfinite
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2 Welcome to the big fantasy! 01


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Tyler is lying in his big bed.

But he can't fall asleep, he feels like something is about to happen, he gets up from his big bed and puts on his robe, something just warm and perfect to replace a pajama.

the old sadness that clutched his heart comes back to torment him, for he is too bored.

He opens the door of his room, and starts walking toward the roof of his mansion,

Reaching the roof he sighs and looks up at the colorful starry sky and screams!Fucking stars

please help me I'm dying inside like this!

I conquered this whole world I am simply the biggest winner in the world, I have everything!

But because I can not feel happiness with this enviable life for all of FUCKING WORLD! ???

This world is so boring I wish I could feel the adrenaline and fight for something that will make me feel alive again!

Tyler in an act of despair shouts loudly with all his might!

making all employees and women listen!



the only thing that makes me forget boredom for a few minutes is my passion for biology/physics.

help me If not I will turn this peaceful world into a living hell!

when Tyler said these things ..... ...

(behind the reality!)

God of the world!!


HOW INTERESTING! A mere child dares to challenge me!

naughty child i will fulfill your wish

but you will have to suffer a little!

for this threat of yours did not please me!


Tyler descends from the roof of his luxurious mansion with great sadness in his heart.

trying to take boredom out of his being he comes to his lab and begins to study all the cell types that exist, With so much boredom that he has been feeling in his years of life, he can understand what makes up every cell every atom every particle of any living / nonliving being!

ele é simplesmente um verdadeiro mestre em biologia/física!

Inside the lab time goes by that Tyler doesn't even notice.

Tyler is so in love with biology / physics that he knows the name of every particle that exists!

a true genius!

He was so immersed in his research that he didn't even notice the time!



Knocking on the door!

(chief butler): young master is time to replace your vitamins!

Tyler is so tired of this boring and repetitive reality that even hunger he doesn't feel anymore!

If it weren't for his employees, Tyler would have committed the cowardly act of this WORLD!

That would be suicide he is tired of it all! No more action after he has mastered everything.

As if that vibration caused by adrenaline was dead, and the worst that is not only adrenaline, happiness the color of this world turned gray!

You have nothing else to do! When you reach the top of the world!

Tyler also feels the sadness returning to his heart, then he leaves his lab and goes to the salon where are the best women this world can offer! all with hot bodies that can make any young person happy, but for Tyler even the taste of a girl is lost over time!

Tyler was not physically ill but spiritually ill!

what kills a warrior ?? /

a sword ???

an explosion ?????

NO! and not !

What kills a warrior is peace!

There are no wars in peacetime!

There is no adrenaline or other warrior for you strives to overcome you!

Tyler sits in the center seat of the grand banquet!

where was just Tyler and his girl harem!

(Green-eyed girl): Master I can make you happy as before!

I can cheer you up for a whole night until you say enough!

(red eyed girl): don't be so sad, young master! I can make you forget this world with my body!

because instead of you eating these foods, Aren't you coming to quench your hunger with my hot body??

(girl with yellow eyes): don't listen to them master I'm better than them!

I'm new in your castle but I can be sweeter than them, come taste my strawberry!

Tyler sits quietly as his women try every way to make him happy.

Tyler's big, well-formed harem has all kinds of girls! as many with mature bodies as those with loli bodies.

every ordinary man's dream!

but Tyler is a warrior he doesn't just think about sex! He enjoys more pleasure in fights and wars!

(Tyler): SHUT UP!

Tyler screams and they immediately fall silent! soon after he starts eating the food on the table!

but he feels that something is wrong, as if his mouth is burning, he looks at his women and notices the harmed stares of his harem.

Tyler begins to lose consciousness he begins to get scared for the first time in many years! for this is the worst nightmare for an honorable noble warrior, to die poisoned without knowing who was the killer!

As his blood begins to cool and his strength begins to fade, Tyler hears a voice!

DEUS DO MUNDO):Child your wish I will realize but first I have to teach you a lesson so that you never come again and try to curse my name again!

The God snaps his fingers and the soul comes out of Tyler's body and a moment.


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If you don't give it a grade, it discourages me a lot.

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    《the god of cells in league of legends》