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Scarlet: From Beyond Death

Scarlet: From Beyond Death



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Scarlet: From Beyond Death






Scarlet: From Beyond Death

Rating: 6.0/10 from 22 ratings

[MATURE CONTENT!]<br><br>"I have to find out who did this to me! How many people were made victims like me? I have to stop them!"<br><br>It was just supposed to be another normal job for an exceptional thief. Instead, Scarlet ended up with a gunshot to the chest only to wake up to the ramblings of a madman and an incision down her chest. Now, she must fight her way through crazed cannibals, homicidal androids, and worst of all, treacherous humans.<br><br>She only ever wanted to survive and try to have a decent life. But as she watches the reflection in the mirror change into something akin to a monster, she is forced to come to terms with the fact that she's been pulled into something much bigger.<br><br>She has to put a stop to those who cut her open and treated her like a lab rat. <br><br>"...But when this is all over with, what will I be?"<br><br>---<br><br>*Content Warning: Blood, Gore, Volence, Language, Sexual Content*<br>* Plus references to canabalism and necrophilia*