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Saved And Hated By The Gang Lord

Saved And Hated By The Gang Lord


Blessing D Writes

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Saved And Hated By The Gang Lord






Saved And Hated By The Gang Lord

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WARNINGS; This book is a collection of deep erotic scenes, slavery, crimes, abuse, brutality and so on. Read at your own risk.(18+) Synopsis She was saved by him but she knew another hell in his hands for some reasons unknown to her...Well not until she gave birth to two cuties likewise he fell in love with them. Prologue Enzo Emilio is a scary mafia lord who is bent on destroying the man who killed his elder brother. He is ruthless but became more heart hardened when his brother died in his arms. In rage, he attacked the rival group and destroyed his ranch, he took his slaves and all that belonged to him for himself and that was when he met her, Madison, the girl who he saved but enslaved. He made her past through hell since she was the person who shot his brother to death at her former master's command.