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RACHEL: The Celebrity's Hidden Wife

RACHEL: The Celebrity's Hidden Wife


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RACHEL: The Celebrity's Hidden Wife






RACHEL: The Celebrity's Hidden Wife

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I've been married to my husband since I was eighteen years old, and my husband rose to fame shortly after our marriage, but this fame came with a very expensive price -our marriage. The foundation of our marriage started shaking when my husband left home for six years, he was parading the streets and clubs in LA with different supermodels -or, so I thought. I was at the verge of divorcing him since I couldn't continue hurting everyday, but he came back to his senses and begged me to accept him back. No matter how I tried to hide it, I'm still hopelessly in love with him and decided to forgive him. He promised he's change and he's ready to settle down, of course that got me pregnant and I had to try my best, my very best to love my husband and trust him again, and continue our lives as if he's never left. But our relationship couldn't go back to the old days, because I realized I don't know who my husband is any more. He became very secretive, he repeatedly lied to me on several occasions, and most times I'd have to force the truth out of him. Then a very heavy storm hit our marriage, and that's when I gave up completely -I caught my husband red-handed, cheating on me with my biggest rival, and the worse part was he lied to my face about it. I couldn't help but wonder, does he really love? If he love me, then why can't he trust me at all? Why can't he confined in me? Isn't it better to just walk away from this marriage that's built on lies? But now our baby is involved, should I raise him without his father? Is this break really necessary? Is it gonna help us? Or break us even more?

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