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My Legal Billionaire Husband

My Legal Billionaire Husband



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My Legal Billionaire Husband






My Legal Billionaire Husband

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On the day that Sally Foster is informed that her family was involved in a road accident, she is devastated because she can’t afford the hospital bills .She decides to ask for help from her foster parents who agrees to give her the money in exchange for selling her body to a billionaire .Having no other options she agrees and spends the night with the man. In real sense they wanted her to save his life so that their adopted daughter can get married to the man instead. They wanted to form a business relationship with the powerful family. Willy Logan is an illegitimate son of a very wealthy man in the city and his mother was admitted to the mental health facility. Unknown to him, his mother meets Sally Foster while working in the hospital and likes her immediately. She wanted her to be her daughter in law someday. When she gets discharged her main mission was to make sure that the two gets married at whatever costs and Willy had no choice but to marry the woman whom he didn’t like not knowing that she is the same woman he slept with when his drink was doped. Sally Foster and Willy agree to get married for a 6 months contract, just enough time for his mother to leave the country. She is pregnant and doesn’t even know that the baby belongs to Willy. Will the two learn to love each other?