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Mated To The 'Gay' Alpha

Mated To The 'Gay' Alpha



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Mated To The 'Gay' Alpha






Mated To The 'Gay' Alpha

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"Touch me" she pleaded "My Alpha please... I beg of you, let me feel your touch" she begged him even though she knew he was not going to. After all she knew her mate to dislike women, she knew him to be gay! * A simple girl, a simple life, her mate, she thought would be someone as simple as her, someone who lived an average life like her but how wrong she was. She was mated to him, the Alpha of Alphas, the Ghost Wolf, the only Alpha in the entire Wolfdom that could turn invincible! His name made legs wobble and knees give way and that was the wolf she was mated to! But that was just not all! Alpha Ryan was not just all this! He did not want a mate... To be precise... He did not want a female mate, he disliked females and the fact that he did was not hidden from those that were close to him. His deep dislike led to rumors spreading around about him being gay. A simple girl and an Alpha with deep dislike for ladies entangled in a tale of twists, romance, passion and betrayal! A freaking hot love story ensuing in the midst of tension!