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Heartless Husband

Heartless Husband


Blue Ant

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Heartless Husband






Heartless Husband

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#fall for the billionaire-redeem ex's love Formerly known as 'The ashes of Love'. “Please let me go”, I say between sobs. “It is not … my fault… I am forced too” “It is your fault. You attracted them by using your charm,", he roars. "But I know you are slut. You sell your body every night. "What? No, that's not true.", I try to give reason. "Yes, you do.", he thunders. Suddenly, he leaps on his feet and stands in front of me. "And today, you'll sell your body to me. I'll make you s****m my name. I'll f**k you so hard that you won't be able to walk next few days.". I trembled hearing his dangerous words. Before I could protest, he had already ripped my dress. *** Katrina and Alexander both were forced to marry each other by their families. Katrina, a sweet kind-hearted girl loves Alexander since childhood. but he never cared for her. He is a ruthless businessman who loves to play with other's emotions. Katrina thought he would change after marriage, but nothing changed except her feelings for him. She would always forgive him, no matter how he treated her. He always treats her as an eyesore. But when one day, he discovers a secret, his feelings change. But its too late. He can't find her anywhere. Will he be able to find her? or will she comeback on her own? Will she accept him or reject him? Will he be able to win her love back? 18+ content: This book contains adult scene.