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Echoed Love in Hell

Echoed Love in Hell



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Echoed Love in Hell






Echoed Love in Hell

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'I got brain cancer!" an uncontrolled shouting broke out when she heard he's leaving. The air is frozen in a second. Clinton turned and approached her, spoke in a scary voice: 'what did you say?" Sandra closed her eyes and trembled, uttered again 'I got ... brain cancer." 'Hum, do you think I'm gonna believe it?" Clinton laughed unconsciously, as if he heard a hilarious joke. Suddenly he squeezed her chin with huge power :'Be clever if you make up stories next time." Sandra struggled out of pain. Her chin turned red, and something in her heart collapsed gradually. It is destructive to her, but just a joke to Clinton. Not a single day in her life was led happily since she married him three years ago. He treated her with cynicism and disgust other than nothing else. The first person she wanted to talk about her brain cancer was him. The light was on suddenly and she subconsciously raised her arm to cover her eyes, but could still catch his dark eyes through the finger gaps.