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Doomsday Leader Reborn As A High School Girl

Doomsday Leader Reborn As A High School Girl



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Doomsday Leader Reborn As A High School Girl






Doomsday Leader Reborn As A High School Girl

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After struggling against a horde of zombies for ten years, Su Junxin finally became the safe zone leader. However, right on the day they were due to celebrate the joyous occasion, she accidentally stepped into a wormhole! In the end, she got reborn into the body of a high school student who had the same appearance as Su Junxin and the same name as well. <br>After finally coming to terms with the situation she was in and deciding to face her life one step at a time, countless meddlesome issues and annoying people began to show up. <br>First off, there was the harsh and demanding stepmother—“Hurry up and get these clothes washed, Su Junxin! I haven’t been taking care of you for free!” <br>Next, there was the cruel and b*tchy step sister—“My dear sister, you can’t possibly blame me when you weren’t able to control your boyfriend, can you?” <br>Plus, there was the opportunistic b*tch who was Su Junxin’s best friend—“I ended up winning first place in the Host Competition by luck and took away your prize money… You wouldn’t hold it against me now, would you?” <br>As Su Junxin faced these hateful personas, she calmly raised her hand and snapped her fingers, instantly releasing a spark of electricity. “No matter the case, I’ll just smack these disobedient ‘children’ into shape, and it’ll all be just fine.” Then, she lightly winked and revealed a faint smile on her lips. “If that doesn’t work, I’ll just beat them some more.” <br>Su Junxin was the one with the last laugh as she made those pests serve her respectfully after beating them up. <br>Nonetheless, the person she just could not wrap her head around was the most handsome guy in her school. “Why does he seem so much like the previous leader I killed?” <br>