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Don't Eat Me, Mister Cold

Don't Eat Me, Mister Cold


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Don't Eat Me, Mister Cold






Don't Eat Me, Mister Cold

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Amber Lim was famous for her luxurious style and beauty. But, she was also notorious as a man snatcher. Regretting her bad attitude, Amber was determined to start a new life. Despite the extreme winter, she headed north to learn from Adam Smith, the mysterious world's finest jewelry designer. Unfortunately, Amber was robbed and left in a deserted forest. There was only a small hut that could save her from freezing, and there was only one person who could help her survive—Mister Cold. No one knew the man's real name. He deliberately lived a solitary life and hated disturbance. Nearby villagers even called him the Cannibal because of the lack of humanity. While in fact, Mister Cold was just a widower who hated women, especially those who ruined people's relationship. "In the middle of a forest like this, men are still men and women are still women. If you are not a woman, then you are my food." "Are you crazy? There's no way I'd want to be touched by a cannibal like you." What would happen to Amber? Could she conquer Mister Cold and go home safely? Or instead ... ended up being the widower's delicacy?