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Esther X

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A maid in the castle finds out the evil plans of the Prince's future wife and does everything possible to stop it from happening. She gets exiled and is never to be seen again. She comes back as a different character and swears revenge for what the princess had done. She does everything possible to protect him, even risking her own life FULL PLOT A maid filled with good morals and high standards Arianna goes to the extent of saving her prince Rob from the plans of an evil princess Eleanor and his backstabbing Ambassador Rick. After she gets thrown out of the castle, she disappears without a trace for three years, leaving Rob devastated. Sandra, Arianna's mother is also left heartbroken after the exile of her only child. After three years, rumors are heard of a mysterious Goddess in the forest, citizens of the kingdom get curious as to why there was a woman living there. Henry, Arianna's childhood friend goes to check out the rumors and finds the Goddess, Diana very appealing and quickly falls in love with her but also gets frightened whenever her tigress, Rava came along. After a while, the rumors hit the castle, and Rob gets interested in the so-called Goddess and somewhat abandons his engagement with Eleanor. Eleanor gets upset with his parents for pushing their engagement for a vacation and poisons them. When he gets back from seeing the lovely Goddess and Henry as his escort, he comes back to meet his parents dead. Arianna hears about the death of his parents and swears revenge, and how she does that leaves everyone surprised. Even Rob.