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Wild Crimson Rose: Beloved Handyman Prince’s Courtesan Wife
Author :Wen_Yue
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318 Late Admissions Exam 2

Shen Tianyu just smiled wryly as she shook her head. 'It seems old habits die hard' she thought as she fell asleep to the mumbling beside her.

The next morning, all three of Zhu Wangye's residence woke up and ate in the Dinning Hall again. Once they got to the School, Rong Jian reluctantly separated from his wife as the two girls went to the Exam Hall where their test was to be conducted.

The Headmaster himself waited to greet them at the Hall. He handed Shen Tianyu the Silencing Pill which she unhesitatingly threw into her mouth. 

"Miss Bai will be doing the written exam in this Hall, while the physical test will be conducted at the arena in front of the forest. Your objective is to survive." The Headmaster didn't give much details on the test but Shen Tianyu didn't mind. Seeing both the girls nod their heads, the Headmaster gestured to the disciple standing in the corner to lead Shen Tianyu to her testing grounds. Waving goodbye and giving Bai Yaoxuan a thumbs up to encourage her, Shen Tianyu followed the disciple. 

The disciple dropped her off at the arena and left at the entrance. Shen Tianyu could only enter alone. Standing in wait for her was another elder, this one was an elder of the Array and Talismans Department.

"Young Miss, you're objective for this test is to survive the array until the other miss finishes her written test. Your only weapon allowed is your sword and of course, things like destroying the array are not prohibited and could result in a failing grade." The elder warned her as he led her towards the middle, where most of the lines of the array were gathered.

'Tch. And I thought I could get leeway by trying to get rid of the array. How did they know I have knowledge about arrays?' Shen Tianyu didn't dwell much on the question and instead lamented that she couldn't make her test easier. However, that was just her thoughts as she nodded in understanding to the elder's words. 

The elder slammed his palms into the ground, ejecting some of his spiritual energy as the lines around them glowed a bright blue signaling the activation of the array. 

In the blink of an eye, Shen Tianyu was inside a dense where the canopies of the trees covered the sky. The only indication that it was daytime was the spots of light that managed to filter through the layers of tree leaves and branches. The air, however, was not dense nor heavy with water as normal tropical environments, that housed this amount of trees, were. The smile dropped off her face as Shen Tianyu's guard was up the moment the array had lit up. Glancing around, Shen Tianyu sent out a weak pulse of spiritual energy to sense if there was any creature around her. Though this is an array, creatures will still give feedback like strange shapes of non-vegetation and spiritual energy. After all, one needed spiritual energy to create something different from the foliage. 

Shen Tianyu warily eyed her surroundings further as she walked up to the nearest tree and climbed up. The lowest branch was not within her reach so she stabbed her sword into the bark to use it as climbing gear. Once the branch, with the width of a car, was within her reach, she sheathed her sword back and grabbed into the indentation using her bare hands before she flipped onto it. Laying down in the branch, she surveyed her surroundings once more from the vantage point of a fifth story building. Seeing that the coast was clear for now, she laid her head on the tree trunk and stretched out her legs, her hands cushioning her head. Normally, she would have set traps around her but she didn't have these tools and spiritual energy was an internal force used to attack immediately, it was impossible to create traps with them. While she could make thin wires out of them, they wouldn't be sufficient in creating a trap. She also didn't want to access her space for obvious reasons and having so many objects with her in her Cosmos Pouch would make it seem like she knew about the test in advance, which could jeopardize the integrity of it and she was just not going to take that risk. 

Though Shen Tianyu looked relaxed, she was still scanning her surroundings with her eyes and ears. The test requirement was to "survive" so she wasn't going to be naive and think they'll just let her nap in a tree in a dense forest the whole time. 

And she was absolutely right as a thin "something" whooshed at her. Shen Tianyu immediately rolled off the branch, holding on with just her hands to dodge the incoming arrow. Which turned out to be a long, white bone when she saw it clearly embed itself into the trunk of the tree. 

"Well that was rude. Could have gave a signal or something." Shen Tianyu grumbled as she pulled herself back on the branch and plucked the bone out. "Hrm. A Demon Bat right off the block." 

A Demon Bat was a demonic beast that could shoot it's rib bones out like arrows but with more force and less brittle. The whole thing was basically the dead bones of a bat except it was bigger, so like a sentient bat skeleton the size of a large dog. Though it's level and intelligence weren't exactly high, what made them annoying was the fact that their bones were strong enough to deflect a Meridians Level Middle Stage cultivator's attack. And to add to the difficulty, it's "heart" or core resided in it's skull, which had the same toughness. And since it was able to fly, it could glide around to attack blind spots without stopping. Sure a Golden Core cultivator could fly but in the end, a human flying was not intended in their body structure and it was more akin to propulsion by spiritual energy more than flying. So how could a human compare to a bat, who had wings and can change it's altitude and angle at a moment's notice?


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