Warrior's Promise
1399 Strong Against Strong
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Warrior's Promise
Author :Baili Longxia
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1399 Strong Against Strong

It was already the last round of challenges. With Ju Mo's strength, he could easily win everyone against else aside from Jiang Shenye and Su Mo, thus passing the True Sage Territory test and obtaining the True Sage Qi.

Even if he challenged Jiang Shenye and Su Mo and he won, it would definitely not be an easy round. 

Since Ju Mo called the two names out at the same time, the True Sage Stele did not light up instantly and took it that Ju Mo had not chosen his opponent yet.

Su Mo and Jiang Shenye frowned upon hearing Ju Mo's words. Neither were afraid of Ju Mo but they weren't intending to fight it out and determine who was stronger here. Their only goal was to obtain the True Sage Qi and they didn't want to fight with Ju Mo.

"Ju Mo, I am not afraid of challenging you but what meaning is there for you to challenge us?" Jiang Shenye yelled out.

"Of course there is a meaning. The two of you are the strongest. Defeating you two is my goal!" Ju Mo loudly proclaimed, his voice booming like thunder.

He was different from the rest. They wanted to obtain the True Sage Qi but he wanted to fight an exhilarating battle.

The True Sage Qi could only increase the probability of him becoming a Martial Sage. However, with his talents, he could easily become a Martial Sage even without the True Sage Qi easily.

However, if he could defeat Su Mo of Jiang Shenye, he would obtain the reputation of being unrivalled.

Jiang Shenye was rendered speechless by Ju Mo's words. It seemed the rumours about him being a battle maniac were completely true.

Glancing at Su Mo, Jiang Shenye turned his head and continued, "Ju Mo, make your own decision on who you want to challenge. Unless you want us to make that decision for you?"

Jiang Shenye's face was calm, as though he couldn't care less about the outcome.

Su Mo did not speak. If Ju Mo challenged him, he could only accept the challenge. Of course it would be best if Ju Mo didn't challenge him.

Ju Mo wore a stoic face as he silently pondered. His gaze moved between Su Mo and Jiang Shenye continuously. Then, before long, it stopped at Su Mo.

"Su Mo, it will be you then!" Ju Mo loudly announced. The reason why he eventually chose Su Mo was because Su Mo had displayed exceptional strength.

Su Mo defeated Wu Shang so overbearingly and so shockingly!

On the other hand, Jiang Shenye did not challenge any exceptional opponent and no one dared to challenge him. He was just any ordinary challenger at this time. 

Therefore Ju Mo chose Su Mo. Defeating Su Mo would be much more gratifying than defeating the ordinary Jiang Shenye.

Su Mo sighed inwardly. His plan to smoothly pass the test was no longer possible. Since Ju Mo wanted to challenge him, he would accept it!


Su Mo's body flashed and he instantly landed on the green platform opposite Ju Mo.

The crowd was on high alert now. The battle between Su Mo and Ju Mo would be the biggest fight in this entire test.

Ju Mo's fighting strength was undoubtedly strong. His entire self carried a sense of terror.

Su Mo's strength was also scary as he had coolly defeated Wu Shang and even had the ability to become invisible. His abilities were very mysterious.

No one could predict the outcome of who would win in their battle. Just by strength, Ju Mo was stronger. However, Su Mo could make himself invisible and that was something that strength alone could not overcome.

All in all, who won or who lost in this battle was something that even God wouldn't have been able to guess.

Outside the True Sage Territory, chaos had erupted once again. There was finally a battle against the strongest, the biggest fight of the entire event.

"Su Mo, you will also be eliminated!"

You Tianhan sat crossed legged on the ground and his eyes flashed with malice as though he wanted to devour others.

The injuries he had sustained were very serious. His actual body was shattered and he had only managed to contain his injuries after 10 over hours of healing.

But still, he wouldn't be able to fully recover even with two additional months of healing.

Most importantly, not only did he sustain severe injuries, his chance to obtain the True Sage Qi was also stolen from his grasp. He was very hateful!

He prayed that Su Mo would lose and be eliminated.

"Can he make another miracle?" Instructor Mu Li hoped. She was confident in Su Mo, although this was a blind confidence.

She had watched every match that Su Mo had fought in in the academy. Almost every single match was one where Su Mo obtained an absolute victory over his opponents.

Often, one would be thinking that Su Mo was doomed to lose but he eventually still won!

Miracles continued to happen for Su Mo and this made Instructor Mu Li develop a high confidence in Su Mo.

On the green platform.

Ju Mo looked at Su Mo and cupped his fists together. The massive muscles on his body were like war drums as booms sounded out from them.

"Su Mo, hide yourself!" Ju Mo raged out as though he wasn't afraid of Su Mo's invisible skill.

"No need!" Su Mo lightly shook his head. He wasn't preparing to use the Invisible Fighting Soul.

He knew that he couldn't rely on the Invisible Fighting Soul to defeat Ju Mo.

The Invisible Fighting Soul was good for sneak attacks but its abilities were greatly reduced if he wanted to engage in direct fighting. Most importantly, it was not effective against an opponent like Ju Mo.

There were many ways to overcome the Invisible Fighting Soul. One such instance would be Wu Shang's wide protective array.

Hence, Su Mo was not going to use the Invisible Fighting Soul but was going to fight head on against Ju Mo.

"No need? You are going to fight head-on against me?" Hearing Su Mo's words, Ju Mo asked, confused.

"That's right. Come!" Su Mo nodded his head. He actually wanted to take this chance to see how strong he was!

The crowd was shocked. Su Mo didn't want to use the Invisible Fighting Soul but he wanted to fight head-on against Ju Mo? Did he not know how strong Ju Mo was?

"You still dare to be this arrogant in front of me!"

Ju Mo laughed coldly and he continued, "I will let you suffer a crushing defeat to understand the consequences of being arrogant in front of me!"

"Are you done with spouting nonsense? If you are done, then start!" Su Mo coldly replied.


Anger flashed through Ju Mo's eyes and he stepped forward, instantly travelling a few hundred metres, to appear right in front of Su Mo.

"Take this punch!"

Ju Mo's voice sounded like rolls of thunder. With his humongous fist that was stronger than a few tanks combined together, he heavily punched on Su Mo.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

This one punch instantly caused an explosion to occur. Ju Mo's massive punch was like a mountain that crushed down on the ground. With such strong force and the vicious winds that came with it, the punch struck down on Su Mo's head heavily.

This punch was very terrifying with the heavy forces it carried. Like a thousand mountains had fallen from the nine heavens, the space around Su Mo was completely shattered apart.

"Break!" Su Mo also attacked as the Dark Force in him combined together. Like the rush of rivers, the Dark Force surged through the sword in his hand.


A Brilliant Sword instantly tore the sky and heavily struck against Ju Mo's fist.

Then, another ear piercing explosion occurred.


As the forces collided against one another, auras rolled out in waves. The Sword Radiance and fist collision was like a meteorite that struck a planet. Strong after-effects of this collision immediately caused the green platform to shake violently.

Su Mo felt like his own sword was like a regular man hitting against a steel board. There was no effect at all.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

A mighty aftershock caused Su Mo's body to retreat backwards continuously, only stopping after he had retreated a 100 steps backwards.

"What a strong force!" Su Mo said, in mild shock. This man was very strong, even to the point of being terrifying.

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    《Warrior's Promise》