Vengeance To The Royal Ones
112 Leaving Amber To Daze On Her Own
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Vengeance To The Royal Ones
Author :Llaellen
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112 Leaving Amber To Daze On Her Own

"They... Oh gosh this is so infuriating. It just won't disappear from my mind."

She shook her head vigorously trying to throw the image away.

"That's why I'm asking what is it?"

His frown grew deeper as he watch what she was doing.

With a frown she looked at him and with great difficulty started telling him what she saw.

"Gosh, they... they..."

She didn't notice how Ashton's face turned dark upon hearing her see the happening inside the office.

"Did you see his thing?" he asked with a hint of anger in his voice.

"Huh?" Amber asked as she looked at him in horror.

Upon realizing what he was asking she couldn't help but try and recall what she saw.

Seeing this Ashton's face turned even darker.

The moment she almost remember it, a shadow appeared above her.


By the time she realized what had happened, she was already pushed to the car door, her head leaning on the window.

He was kissing her way way different than back when they last kiss in Star Country.

It was more mature that she didn't even know how to respond.

She closed her eyes and tried to follow his movement, trying her best to keep up.

His soft tongue entering her mouth made her feel weak to the knees and she knew that if she were standing, she would surely fall.

Ashton only stopped after the two of them became breathless for the third time.

Amber's face was flushed red and her lips were swollen.

Seeing her dazed look he smirked.

His purpose was served and that made him feel accomplished.

But upon remembering that she still saw Joseph Fox naked made him frown all over again.

He started thinking of ways to put him to his place.

"So where are we going?" he asked after starting the engine.

But he got no reply for Amber was still staring ahead.

He felt amused by her reaction before moving closer to her.

Amber who saw a shadow appear above her for the second time, took a deep breath.

This made Ashton chuckle, "I'm helping you with your seatbelt, what's with that reaction?"

"Ah, seatbelt," Amber replied but was still not focused.

Ashton could only shook his head as he fastened her seatbelt.

"Where are we going to shop?" he once again asked.


She looked disoriented as she replied.

Ashton sighed, they will go nowhere with this.

So he decided to just go home for the day before giving Aldger a call.

"Get me the best office supplies you can get and send it here by tonight."

"Office supplies? Am I your bookstore?"

Aldger's family were focused on bookstores and factories for school and office supplies.

"Just do it."

After that he hanged up not waiting for any more arguments.

Aldger though confused still followed him and ordered every possible best thing out there.

Ashton also gave Brian Cooper a call.

"This is new, why are you calling?" Brian asked upon answering the phone.

"Send me your best computer."

"Why something wrong with yours?" Brian asked in the same confusion as Aldger a while ago.

Ashton glanced at Amber who was still sitting on a daze in the living room, since they arrived.

"Not for me, but just send it here."

"Hoho, it's for that girl isn't it?" Brian teased knowing full well that there was only Amber at home with Ashton.

"Since you already know, why don't you send it already."

Brian laughed heartily, "Got it, I'll get the very best. Hmmmm, wait a minute, is she working somewhere? I can recommend her if you want."


There was a pause on the other side before Ashton pushed the phone away from his ears when Brian suddenly shouted.

"SNN!! You mean that SNN?"

"What's wrong with that?"

"What's wrong with it? Just how old is that girl, didn't you know that SNN Beginnings is a famous company in the technological world?"

Brian's voice was excited as he kept going.

"It was a young company but was able to come up with so many new ideas regarding technologies. It was innovative that started at a small country, a country under you, Star Country."

He looked up to him, to the brain of that company, just how hard was it to come up with so many ideas especially with how advance the world is now.

"What's wrong with Amber working at this place?" Ashton still asked.

"Being a famous company, also means that when you work in it, your disposition in the society would rise. It's almost the same as working to the main companies of the royal families. As if you don't know this."

Ashton felt proud somehow, he couldn't help but wait once this guy finds out that the brain behind the company was Amber herself.

He once again looked at Amber before giving alow chuckle.

"What are you laughing about?" Brian asked on the other side.

"Nothing, just send me the computer will you?"

"Of course, I'll send it right away, for someone working at SNN to use a computer that came from our company was already great."

Then before Ashton could say goodbye, Brian remembered something.

"They didn't gave her any? They are a technological company after all."

"You know how it is to those who just started, they are being bullied as well."

'Though she was the only owner that was bullied at her own company,' he added in his mind.

"That's right, anywhere you go, there would always be something like that. Well she's already in, tell her to stay strong."

"Got it."

"Oh and it's good to finally see you loosen up. Since we actually got together, you were always on edge. Especially with what happened to Madison. That's all, bye now."

With that he hung up.

He stared at his phone for a while before walking to the kitchen, still leaving Amber to daze on her own.

He found this amusing, who would have thought that she would actually end up being so dazed after just a kiss.

He had been in the kitchen for almost half an hour before Amber finally snapped out of her daze.

As she looked around she frowned.

"Why am I home?"

Hearing the movements in the kitchen, she walked there.

"Aren't we going to shop? You do know that I have to shop for my things in the office," she said as she approached him.

"Look who's talking, you were the one whom I couldn't speak to a while ago, how long do you think that you were on a daze?"

Ashton replied without looking at her, focusing on his cooking.

Amber's face turned red as she remembered the kiss, "And whose fault was that?"

He didn't reply but just raised an eyebrow at her as he placed the dish in the plate.

To which she pouted in return with furrowed brows and her eyes glaring at him.

"You distracted me," she complained.

"Do you want me to distract you again or you'd rather eat dinner? I'm already starving," he retorted back.

"Humph," she turned around with the dishes at hand.

Not noticing the amused look in Ashton's eyes as he stared at her retreating back.

The dinner was delicious and Amber enjoyed it but she still couldn't look him in the eye, for everytime she looks up, her eyes would always end up in his lips.

Just as she went in the kitchen to do the dishes, she heard the doorbell rang after a while another ringing was heard.

By the time she came out, they have no visitors but the living room was full of office supplies and on the side was the newest model of computer from Cooper Technological Incorporation.

"What's all this?" she asked as she instantly approached the computer set.

She unboxed the computer and started assembling it.

"Are you sure, you'll assemble that here? Shouldn't that be assembled in your office?" Ashton approached her and picked up few of the boxes she just threw on the side.

"So this is really mine?" she asked with a grin.

"You opened it without fully knowing who it was?"

"Well there's only the two of us here, plus this is the latest model so even if this is yours I'll still check it out," she replied as she returned back to assembling it.

She suddenly stopped and looked towards the office supplies.

"Then are those mine as well?" she looked at him and pointed to everything scattered on the floor.

"Since I couldn't speak with you a while ago, I could only order can I?"

Amber grinned wider as she jumped up, "You really are the best, I shall leave that kiss a while ago as your reward."

He was once again shocked by her, she was unlike other ladies who would be shy all the way until a week from now.

But she was able to get over it already?

"You're no longer shy about it?"

Her ears that was not covered by the mask turned red.

'Of course I am, stupid jerk. Don't rub it will you? I'm just trying to accept it.'

She didn't reply but still thought.

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