Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
142 Chapter 142: Grand Master 6
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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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142 Chapter 142: Grand Master 6

For the first time, Gong Zhengyu discovered that he was so unpleasant and that the other party's disappointment with him was already unmasked.

Why? ... The other party is the Grand Master.

Gong Zhengyu could only obey the smile and said: "In this case, I will follow the orders of the national division and start tomorrow."

After listening to this, the Grand Master was satisfied, and his eyes fell on Ji Fengyan.

"..." Ji Fengyan was somewhat speechless. If she didn't know better, she'd think that this Grand Master is watching herself.

Just as Ji Fengyan thought that there was nothing to do, the Grand Master suddenly reached out and, under the stunned sight of the crowd, suddenly pulled up Ji Fengyan's injured hand, not waiting for Ji Fengyan to react, he had taken a bottle of medicine from his waist, and single-handedly opened the lid, and poured the pale blue medicine into the wound of Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan calmed down and tried to withdraw her hand. As a result, when the potion touched the wound, there was a stinging sensation, but it was covered with a touch of coolness. Healing, and soon a powder of tender meat grows in the wound.

A delicate fragrance was also passed along with the potion.

When Gong Zhengyu, who was silent on the side, smelled the fragrance, his eyes could not help but flash a surprise. Others may not recognize what the potion is, but he is very clear.

It was a master-level elixir. Even in their caravans, this precious drug was not brought out this time.

Looking at the entire empire, there is only one Alchemist, and that person is old. The number of refined elixirs per day is extremely rare. It is directly supplied to the two teachers of the same country. Even Crown princess, is not entitled to any.


Grand Master is so easy to use the master class elixir on the small wounds of Ji Fengyan.

This is not to kill the chicken and use the slaughter knife, this is the use of a dragon knife!

After seeing the healing of the wound on Ji Fengyan, the Grand Master released her small hand. The remaining half of the bottle of elixir did not mean to be kept by him, instead, it was directly inserted into the hands of Ji Fengyan.

"Grand Master??" Ji Fengyan spoke a little confused.

"I've got things to do." Xing Lou stared at Ji Fengyan, then took Xuanwei away from Ji Fengyan and left.

Throughout the process, Ji Fengyan was in a state of cloud and fog.

And the Grand Master... What exactly is he doing here?

After the Grand Master left, Ji Fengyan still held the bottle of elixir, with a confused face.


Ling He and others looked at her eyes and have risen from the past worship to the madness!

They thought that their own lady was very embarrassed on weekdays. I didn't expect to have a relationship with the Grand Master. Most people couldn't see a GrandMaster for a lifetime. Not only did he look for their young lady, but he also sent a bottle of elixir that looked very rare. !

How big is this love!

If Ji Fengyan wasn't young, it will be directed at the attitude of the Grand Master to Ji Fengyan. Linghe had doubt whether the Grand Master is private with their lady.

"Ling brother." Ji Fengyan opened her mouth.

Linghe's fretting was up and greeted.

"Miss, what's the order?"

"Take the potion and use it for Zuo Nuo. It's quite easy to use." The bottle of potion in the hands of Ji Fengyan was randomly inserted into Linghe's hand.

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