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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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141 Chapter 141: GrandMaster 5

Fei's face was blue due to the pain, but he can only endure the sharp throbbing nods.

"Go away." The thin lips of the Grand Master spit out these two words.

Su LingSheng and Lei Min were forgiven, and they climbed up and hurriedly lifted the painful trembled Zhan Fei.

The long blood trail, left by each footstep Zhan Fei took, spread all the way until the gate...

After the soldiers left, the people in the hall were relieved.

The anger that had been caused by Zhan Fei had already disappeared under the simple and rudeness of the Grand Master. No one had thought that this seemingly ethereal and sacred master of the national division would be so vigorous and vigorous.

Ling He, and the others are still squatting, and respect and fear are intertwined in their hearts.

Ji Fengyan sweeped a glimpse of the stiff LingHe and others, thinking about how to speak with the Grand Master.

Xing Lou feeling the heart of Ji Fengyan,and faintly said: "Get up."

LingHe hesitated for a while, then carefully stood up and stood aside honestly.

"Thank you for today." Ji Fengyan always felt that this Grand Master was a little weird, but she didn't understand what was wrong.

Xing Lou did not respond eagerly, those cold autumn colored eyes, just quietly staring at the small face of Ji Fengyan, those eyes somewhat unpredictable.

After a while, he said: "You don't have to." It should.

"I heard that the Grand Master had been recuperating in the city, but I have never had the opportunity to meet. I was able to see it today. It is really admirable." Standing on the side of Gong Zhengyu, he stepped forward and smiled politely.

Xing Lou noticed the appearance of Gong Zhengyu. When his cold eyes fell on Gong Zhengyu, his brow involuntarily wrinkled and his eyes were all the more cold.

Gong Zhengyu was blinded by the stare of the Grand Master. He obviously felt that the other person's eyes didn't look so friendly, even...somewhat unpleasant...

This made Gong Zhengyu somewhat inexplicable. He met with the Grand Master for the first time, and did not provoke the other party. How... So it is not to be seen?

Ji Fengyan also perceived the Grand Master's displeasure, in view of the situation before they could dispute, she said: "Grand Master, this is the young master Gong Zhengyu, his caravan will occasionally come to the city in the season of merchants."

Grand Master's brows are still not loose, but when looking at Ji Fengyan, the eyes became much softer.

Ji Fengyan, "??"

The beauty teacher always looked at her with such a"gentle " look, she was embarrassed.

"What are you doing here?" The Grand Master spoke, although he looked at Ji Fengyan, but it was said to Gong Zhengyu.

Gong Zhengyu said: "Because there is some cooperation with the City Lord, so I stayed in the house for the rest of the time."

The atmosphere in the hall suddenly became a bit strange, and the chill was lingering behind the neck of the people. The Grand Master who was looking at Ji Fengyan, suddenly his eyes moved to Gong Zhengyu, the softness, turned into a deep cold stare.

"The caravan entered the city, do you have permission from your majesty?" The Grand Master said coldly.

Gong Zhengyu gave a slight glimpse, "No."

There are such conditions in the outflow of the caravans into the city. However, this condition has always been directed at the Imperial Capital. Who will use such a remote city in Jicheng?

"No? Then I wouldn't stay much longer." The sound of the Grand Master's voice was cold and trembling .

Gong Zhengyu was confused, and even if he was stupid, he could see that the Grand Master was extremely unwilling to see him.

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