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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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140 Chapter 140: Grandmaster 4

Zhan Fei did not react to himself until the pain of his limbs spread to his nerves, and a repressed suffocation overflowed from his biting teeth.

Even if he could, he would not dare to scream.

Su Ling Sheng and Lei Min frightened their courage. Where would they think that the Grand Master would be so decisive, there was no sign at all.

Su Ling Sheng's legs began to tremble unconsciously, and even the shackles were already unstable. Lei Min's face also became white, and his head was trembled with a low voice.

Xuan Wei received the longbow and stood aside.

Xing Lou didn't even look at the exterminator, and the guards just looked straight at Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan was a bit dumbfounded. She looked at the Xing Lou in front of her eyes. For a time, she couldn't figure out what the Grand Master wanted to do.

"What do you want to do with him?" The calm voice of the Grand Master, like the squeaky voice of the strings, sounded in the hall full of bloody smell.

The expression of Ji Fengyan is somewhat complicated.

What did the Grand Master think?

Are you really planning to hand us over to her?

Seeing Ji Fengyan did not speak, the Grand Master faintly swept Xuan wein, and looked at Xuanwei once again pulled out the feather arrow on the string, this time aligned with the head of the battle!

Everyone was dumbfounded, even Ling He had a dumbfounded look, have long forgotten to find the things to fight Fei.

""Master! Please show mercy!"The white-faced Lei Min opened his mouth, and on his quivering knees he entreated:"Master, this is our wrong, I beg your lordship to spare him for the sake of the destroyers, in the Battle of Fei he... He also had to fight for the Empire, killing countless demons, even if he lost his sense of proportion, also asked the Grand Master to spare his time..."

Lei Min said as he was kowtowing to the Grand Master, and the dull crash echoed in the hall.

Of course...

There was no slight fluctuation in the face of the Xing Lou (Grand Master).

Ji Fengyan had come back to from her daze, and her heart was a bit weird, but she had to much on her plate to worry about it.

"Cough, I think this is almost the same." Ji Fengyan cleared her throat.

Xing Lou's brows wrinkled, and looked with some doubt at Ji Fengyan, as if he thought she should not be so good.

Regardless of the thinking of the Grand Master, Ji Fengyan is not yet intended to form a deadly enemy with the Crown Princess, and this Zhan Fei is the annihilator of His Majesty the Princess, if he directly died in her house, the ghost knows How many things are pulled out.

Ji Fengyan had intended to give some lessons to Zhan Fei, then let him mysteriously die after leaving the House..

Unfortunately, this plan was destroyed by the sudden appearance of the Grand Master.

Simple and crude punishment, less need to provoke hatred, Ji Fengyan herself had nothing to fear, anyway, even if the Emperor is her father (Crown Princess's), she also has a way to get out, but Ling He's not as good as he is afraid.

Grand Master looked at Ji Fengyan for a long time, until he was sure that Ji Fengyan was really satisfied, then raised his hand and let Xuanwei take the longbow and retreat to the side.

Lei Min's heart was greatly relieved, but the cold sweat had already soaked his clothes.

"This is the city of Ji Cheng, it is the royal family, and you can't make it at random. Go back and tell the Crown Princess the person who punished you today is me." Grand Master turned his head and looked coldly at Zhan Fei in the pool of blood.

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