Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
130 Chapter 130: If You Can’t Speak Normally, Then Shut It 3
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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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130 Chapter 130: If You Can’t Speak Normally, Then Shut It 3

"Huh." Ji Fengyan lightly sneered.

Act as if nothing had ever happened?

Did they really think that she was an idiot?

"You want the timeless affection flower?" She narrowed her eyes, "Don't even think about it!"

Lei Min's expression didn't change. "Ji Fengyan, the timeless affection flower is what the Eldest Princess wants. Lord Zhan here is the Eldest Princess' personal bodyguard. I can honestly tell you that even if you search the entire Ji City, you wouldn't even be able to find one person who can match Lord Zhan, much less your subordinates. Therefore, if you don't obediently hand over the timeless affection flower today, then don't blame us for not being polite."

Zuo Nuo simply couldn't listen anymore. Not caring about the pain coming from his entire body, he covered his chest while stumbling forward to speak. "Lei Min, do you still have any face at all?! Our young lady had already given you a timeless affection flower before, but you still don't know how to be content and come over looking for more?! There is nobody as shameless as you between heaven and earth!"

Zuo Nuo's words caused Zhan Fei off to the side to slightly frown while it also caused Su Lingsheng's heart to skip a beat.

Not waiting for Zuo Nuo to completely finished, Su Lingsheng interrupted him. "What do you mean by Ji Fengyan already having given us one? That Dual-Stemmed Timeless Affection Flower was originally what we traded for with the merchant group, but you guys obviously relied on your influence and numbers to forcefully steal it from us. Even now, you guys actually want to reverse black and white, so who's the shameless one?!"

After Su Lingsheng finished speaking, she immediately stole a glance at Zhan Fei to see his reaction. When she didn't see any particular movement from him, she finally gave a slight sigh of relief.


That day when they brought the timeless affection flower over to the Eldest Princess, they basically didn't even mention where it came from. They only said that it had already been arranged with the merchant group and that they had directly taken custody of the timeless affection flower. Unfortunately, they had met with Ji Fengyan in the middle of their trip and because of the personal grudge between Ji Fengyan and Su Lingsheng, Ji Fengyan forcefully stole a stem by relying on her numerous powerful guards and her city lord status which is why they only brought back only one stem.

Towards this, although the Eldest Princess was a bit dissatisfied, she didn't really care that much about it. She only ordered somebody to immediately begin refining the timeless affection flower into medication.

Su Lingsheng and Lei Min had originally thought that they could just muddle through it like that, but they had never thought that… once the timeless affection they brought back with them was refined into medication, it basically didn't have the desired affect at all. From what the apothecary said, it was because the medication refined from the timeless affection flower had lost more than half of its medicinal properties, therefore it basically couldn't reach the requirements of the medication at all.

So, as the apothecary explains it, because this timeless affection flower was originally dual-stemmed, after one stem had been plucked from it, it was very likely that the majority of the medicinal properties had been left on the other one, which is why the one they used didn't have the expected results.

The Eldest Princess was instantly displeased and immediately ordered Su Lingsheng and her group to also bring the other timeless affection flower stem in Ji Fengyan's hands over. Under Su Lingsheng and Lei Min's incitement, she also sent her personal bodyguard Zhan Fei along as well.

Although Su Lingsheng and Lei Min felt a bit uneasy, but once they learned that Zhan Fei would be accompanying them, their nervousness couldn't help but secretly contain a bit of smugness. They only had to wait for their arrival and then they would be able to return the embarrassment Ji Fengyan had caused them that day by many times over!

Therefore, how could Su Lingsheng let Zhan Fei learn the truth and how could she let Ji Fengyan off?

As all of the guards watched wide-eyed as Su Lingsheng reversed black and white, they were almost angered to the point of spitting blood. Early on during that day when Ji Fengyan had brought the timeless affection flower back, Zuo Nuo had already began speaking with the other guards about what happened due to Su Lingsheng and Lei Min's shamelessness, so they were all very clear about where did that timeless affection flower come from.

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