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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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99 Chapter 99: First Kiss

Ji Fengyan lazily walked over to solemn-faced Liu Huo's side. Seeing Liu Huo's tightly furrowed brows, she tilted her head as she reached out to smooth his forehead.

"What is it? Were you scared?"

Liu Huo remained silent.

"If I didn't kill him, then he would have kept going after me. I can tolerate it for a time, but I absolutely won't let a tiger go back to its den."

Ji Fengyan had already given Lei Xu more than enough opportunities. Had he not taken things too extreme, then she couldn't have cared less about bothering with him. Only, it was a pity that Lei Xu still went ahead to bury himself anyways.

Liu Huo looked at Ji Fengyan, those deep eyes of his filled with an unknown emotion. After a long moment, Liu Huo abruptly lifted up his hand and pulled down Ji Fengyan's paws from his forehead. When he pulled her hand down, he didn't immediately let go of it as he lowered his eyes. His gaze landed on that sparkling and lustrous life exterminator seal between her clavicle.

That shiny silver-coloured seal reflected the complex emotions in Liu Huo's gaze.

"You're a life exterminator?" Liu Huo finally asked.

Ji Fengyan smiled. "I guess so."

Life exterminator was but the status of this body, that's all.

"Did you ever use this thing?" Liu Huo pointed at Ji Fengyan's life exterminator seal.

She shook her head. "I still haven't; this is what my… father left for me, not to even mention that I also don't know how to use it. Listening to what Big Brother He said, before I enter the battlefield, His Majesty will send me to a school specifically for life exterminators. Apparently they will teach me how to use this thing there."

Actually, Ji Fengyan wasn't that interested in the Life Annihilation Armour.

Towards her, no matter how much power depending on external support could give, it still wouldn't be a long-term solution.

Depending on something else still wasn't as reliable as depending on yourself.

The emotions in Li Huo's eyes lightened a bit. Raising his head, he faced Ji Fengyan.

"You're very strong," he said, thoughtfully looking out at the bloody scene outside the entrance.

Ji Fengyan's lips curled upwards slightly, "You think?"

Liu Huo was rather helpless towards Ji Fengyan's irregular attitude. She acted as if the person who had decisively killed all those people wasn't her at all.

"You're very strong. Strong enough that you don't actually need that Life Annihilation Armour." Liu Huo abruptly said.

Ji Fengyan raised a brow, "I hadn't planned on using it."

She didn't feel that a piece of armour would be able to compare to her strength as a half-immortal. What's more… This thing could only be passed down through the bloodline. In the end, it was only a memento, a wish left behind by the original owner's father. Respecting the dead, Ji Fengyan didn't plan on taking over something that represented the feelings between father and daughter.

Liu Huo let out a breath, the emotions in his eyes dispersing.

"What's the matter? Is there a problem?" Ji Fengyan asked, sharply noticing Liu Huo's unusual mood. It seemed as if he cared a lot about life exterminators.

"Nothing." Liu Huo said, shaking his head. He paused as he abruptly thought of something else.

"You need to remember what you said today."

Liu Huo relentlessly stared at Ji Fengyan, the serious expression in his eyes confusing her a bit. However…

Little Liu Huo's serious expression was really just too damn hot!

"I'll agree once you kiss me," Ji Fengyan said devilishly, scurrying closer and pointing at her face.

Ling He's people already couldn't help but look away.

Just as Ji Fengyan thought that she had pretty much finished teasing him, her face suddenly felt a surge of warmth.

Liu Huo's face was slightly red, but his eyes still remained serious as he gazed at her.

The depths of Ji Fengyan's eyes flashed with a trace of astonishment, but in the end, she chuckled.

"Okay, then. I promise you that I will never forget what I said today."

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