Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
90 Chapter 90: Maniacal Accusations 4
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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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90 Chapter 90: Maniacal Accusations 4

Who'd have thought that the "adulterer" would actually jump out at this time and confirm the allegations against Ji Fengyan?

Everybody's curiosity had already been completely hooked at this point. As that man begged and sobbed, he spoke all about how Ji Fengyan seduced him, how she wanted to kill someone to shut them up, all of it in explicit detail.

"I was also confused for a time, and the only reason I got close with her was because of how pitiful she looked. Who would've have thought that she would actually deliberately get me drunk during a feast? In the end, after such an affair was done, I could only acknowledge it. Later on, she would constantly find reasons to take money from me; I had long since already started to hate her! That day, she had once again started harassing me and I had drank more than a few cups… However, I had never once thought about harming someone else's life! I tried my best to stop her, but who would've thought that she would became like a devil, wanting to kill him at all costs? It was only then that I found out that she was originally the Young City Lord's fiancée and that the reason she wanted to kill that man to shut him up was because she was afraid of being exposed…"

A witness, "the adulterer", leapt out to speak. Now, it was likely that things would be difficult to explain.

Ji Fengyan instantly became a slut that everybody could use, and one that didn't shrink away from selling herself for money too… In the end, to keep her secret safe, she didn't even hesitate to kill.

Such a malicious heart really astonished everybody there!

Looking on with satisfaction at everything in front of him, Lei Xu once again turned to look at Ji Fengyan. "Ji Fengyan, what else can you say? Even though we're old acquaintances, but as Ji City's City Lord, I also need to behave according to the laws. Based on His Majesty's decree, anybody who dares to scheme against another's life will all receive the appropriate punishment. This time Uncle Lei won't be able to help you."

The depths of Lei Xu's eyes flashed with maliciousness. "Come, guards! Capture the criminal Ji Fengyan!"

"I want to see who dares!" Ling He pushed forward, his heavy sword braced in front of his body to protect Ji Fengyan behind him. All of the other guards also gripped their weapons tightly, moving to guard Ji Fengyan in the centre of their formation.

"They are accomplices and will be charged with the same crime. Capture them as well." Lei Xu sneered.

"If you have the capabilities, then you can try!" Ling He didn't back down in the slightest. He secretly signalled Zuo Nuo to quickly bring Ji Fengyan's decree of appointment over. Taking advantage of the chaos, Zuo Nuo silently snuck back into the residence.

Outside the residence, the situation was extremely tense. All of Ji City's archers pulled their bowstrings taut, preparing to fire at Ji Fengyan's group.

"If you don't surrender, then I can only be ruthless." Lei Xu careless threw down his final warning.

Seeing the situation starting to worsen, Liu Huo secretly took a step forward, preparing to act. However, his hand was abruptly grasped by Ji Fengyan.

He turned to look at her.

Smiling, she faced him and slightly shook her head.

Liu Huo's eyes were filled with confusion.

Just at this moment, Lei Xu had already prepared to kill Ling He's group and immediately ordered the archers to fire!

As long as Ji Fengyan didn't die, then everybody else could die!

The sounds of arrows being fire rang out!

Nearly a hundred arrows whizzed through the air as they headed towards Ling He and the others.

"Yang Jian," she said almost conversationally.

Yang Jian who had been standing in front motionless instantly moved when Ji Fengyan's voice rang out. He held the Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance in his hands and spun with startling speed as his large afterimage appeared in front of Ling He and the others!

The sound of metal clashing against metal echoed out.

More than a hundred arrows were actually blocked by the spinning afterimage of the Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance!

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