Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
89 Chapter 89: Maniacal Accusations 3
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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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89 Chapter 89: Maniacal Accusations 3

The crowd began to discuss again.

The Ideal Gold Store was Ji City's biggest stone gambling establishment, and also the place where the gamble between Ji Fengyan and Su Lingsheng took place. It wasn't exactly the latest news in the city that the manager went insane after that wager.

"Eh?" Lei Xu lightly laughed. "The newest manager of the Ideal Gold Store is also a man, so a relationship with a woman is perfectly normal and nothing to be surprised about."

"I had also thought so as well and thus only felt awkward about it at that time, but didn't really think much about it. However, who would've known that once that woman saw me, her expression would immediately change and urge the boss to capture me? At that time, I was extremely scared, so I wanted to quickly run away, but when that woman saw me running, she actually didn't care about anything else and grabbed a stone carving knife to attack me."

Once he finished speaking, he opened up his jacket, baring his chest. In the upper area, even though it was covered with thick bandages, there was still blood seeping out.

"If it wasn't because I was lucky and pretended to be dead after being stabbed, therefore escaping this calamity, it's very likely that I would be dead right now. Sir City Lord, please extend justice for me!" He sobbed and howled, directly kneeling on the ground and looking rather tragic.

"That woman actually wanted to kill you? Then do you know who she is?" The depths of Lei Xu's eyes flashed with a sneer.

That middle-aged man abruptly lifted up his hand and pointed it at Ji Fengyan who was standing outside the residence. "It's her! At that time, I didn't know that she was the Young City Lord's fiancée, otherwise I wouldn't have dared to lingered there. She was obviously afraid that I would've exposed her affair and thus wanted to kill me to keep me shut."

The surrounding commoners drew in a cold breath. All of them had a feeling of, "How would a small little girl like her have the courage to do something so malicious?"

"That's ridiculous!" Ling He bellowed, directly moving to stand in front of Ji Fengyan.

Liu Huo who had followed her over couldn't help but furrow his brows when he saw this. Sweeping a gaze over Lei Xu, killing intent flashed in their depths. Quickly, he turned his head over to look at Ji Fengyan, wanting to see her reaction.

However, this one look sent him into a slight daze.

Unexpectedly, Ji Fengyan still had that ephemeral smile on her face, her eyes glowing with amusement as she stared at the farce in front of her without any anger.

It felt as if everything that was going on right now didn't concern her at all, as if the one being slandered also wasn't her.

Ling He felt indignant for Ji Fengyan, but everybody at the scene was leaning towards Lei Xu's side. No one believed that she was innocent, all of them having decided that she was guilty of all that she was accused of.

"LEI XU, DON'T GO TOO FAR!" Ling He roared with rage.

Lei Xu basically didn't give a damn about Ling He's posturing, only looking with regret and helplessness at Ji Fengyan. "I had also seen you before when you were young, Fengyan. At that time, you weren't like this. Who would have thought that after a few years of not seeing each other that you would actually become so crazy? This really makes Uncle… Ai…"

"City Lord!" Abruptly, a man's voice rang out from the crowd. A human figure pushed his way through in a fluster and knelt in front of Lei Xu's horse with a "thump".

"Who are you?" Lei Xu asked with slightly raised brows.

"I'm the new store manager of the Ideal Gold Store. Sir City Lord, please show some mercy, I know my offence and crimes! The only reason I fell for Ji Fengyan's seduction was because I was confused for a time and didn't know that she was the Young City Lord's fiancée! What's more is that I had never thought about killing him to shut him up. All of this… All of this was done by Ji Fengyan, I was completely ignorant of it all!" That handsome and refined man sobbed with tears and snot.


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