Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
73 Chapter 73: Interwoven and Twisted Currents
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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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73 Chapter 73: Interwoven and Twisted Currents

Beating someone's son half to death and then forcing that person to kneel and thank you, only Ji Fengyan could do such a thing so naturally.

"Okay, enough. Big Brother He, this much is fine, quickly help him up." Ji Fengyan carelessly waved her hand.

Ling He and another guard sneakily landed two more blows, completely beating Lei Min into a coma before finally putting down their heavy swords and lifting him up.

At this moment, Lei Min's legs were covered in blood. Even in his stupor, they still couldn't stop trembling.

This scene landed on Lei Xu's heart, the pain feeling almost like a blade being dug into it. He immediately called for someone to bring Lei Min over, secretly sweeping a glance over at Ji Fengyan. No matter how much he wanted to immediately kill her, he could only swallow his grievances and keep maintaining his thankful expression

Ji Fengyan couldn't care less about Lei Xu's false act and instead lifted a brow as she looked at Ling He who had once again sheathed his heavy sword on his back. "How was it?"

Ling He laughed and whispered, "Awesome!"

Chuckling, Ji Fengyan spoke in a voice that only she and the other guards could hear. "This is revenge. Since his old man dare to scheme against you guys, then this Young Master will also pull his son down with us."

Ji Fengyan's understated words shook Ling He and the others. They then finally realized that the reason why she was so ruthless this time wasn't for herself, rather it was because Lei Xu did something to that tunnel from before and had almost injured Ling He and the guards…

The cheerfulness from releasing their pent-up anger immediately changed into a warm and bitter sweetness. Clearing their throats, Ling He and the others pushed down the emotions in their hearts.

On Lei Xu's side, he had already began to let people take care of Lei Min's wounds but unfortunately, this time they didn't bring a doctor along as he had planned for Ji Fengyan to be injured instead. Who would have thought… that in the end, the one who urgently needed a doctor wasn't Ji Fengyan, rather it was his own son.

Seeing his own son looking so tragic for the first time, Lei Xu already couldn't wait any longer by now, ordering people to lift Lei Min up and prepared to leave for treatment.


"Sir Lei, where are you planning on going?" Ji Fengyan suddenly asked.

The moment Lei Xu heard Ji Fengyan's voice, his scalp immediately started to turn numb. Unfortunately, he could only brace himself and turn around to look at her. "Reporting to the City Lord, Min'er has suffered severe injuries, therefore… your subordinate wishes to first bring him to get his wounds looked at."

"Eh?" Ji Fengyan lightly lifted her brow, smiling rather innocently, "I can't help but remind Sir Lei that your task today was to bring me to look at the mineral veins around Ji City. Right now, these mineral veins aren't up to satisfaction and you're planning on neglecting your duty?"

And there was another big crime placed on Lei Xu's head. He almost spat out blood.

If they were inside Ji City, then he essentially wouldn't care about Ji Fengyan, but… Looking at the wild wilderness and then looking at Ling He and the others standing behind her…

"But Min'er's injuries…" Lei Xu tried to struggle.

"Don't worry Sir Lei. You only need to bring me to a few satisfactory mineral veins and then we can immediately head back to Ji City to look for a doctor to treat Lei Min." Ji Fengyan smiled harmlessly.

However, when her words entered Lei Xu ears, it sounded like the summons of a devil.

Ji Fengyan was clearly threatening Lei Xu with Lei Min's life or death, forcing him to reveal the locations of those mineral veins, otherwise… She wouldn't let Lei Xu take his son back for treatment!

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