Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
60 Chapter 60: Each With a Plan of Their Own
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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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60 Chapter 60: Each With a Plan of Their Own

Towards Lei Min's resentment and questioning, Lei Xu just smiled.

This one smile confused Lei Min even more. "Father, what happened to you? Is it that you don't understand that those mineral veins-"

Lei Xu lifted up his hand and interrupted Lei Min's unfinished words. "Min'er, you really are underestimating your father. Have I ever made a mistake when handling things? Not to mention that Ji Fengyan is but a half-grown little baby girl, even if others came and wanted to seize Ji City's mineral veins, they would still have to see if they had the capabilities!"

Lei Min was slightly dazed.

Allowing Lei Min to sit down, Lei Xu began to speak slowly and calmly. "Although Ji Fengyan is a good-for-nothing, she still holds His Majesty's decree of office. It's just that she doesn't understand how to use it, thus she can still be manipulated by us right now. However, the guard at her side might not necessarily be unaware of it. If we force them too much, who knows what trouble they might cause? Rather then letting them make the first move, it would be much better to control their movements instead. If she wants to go to the mineral veins, then let just let her go."

"But…" Lei Min was still a bit worried.

Lei Xu continued talking. "I'll let someone take care of this affair. Tomorrow, you just need to go over there with me, at that time you'll understand what I'll do."

"Okay." Lei Min nodded.

Patting Lei Min's shoulder, Lei Xu advised him. "Min'er, everything that father does, you need to remember it completely. When the time come and you marry that girl Ji Fengyan, you'll sooner or later become Ji City's leader. Learning more of these things doesn't have any negative effects"

Lei Min's eyes slightly flashed. "Although you say that, but Ji Fengyan, that dead girl, acts completely differently towards me than before. Father, you also saw that she actually brought that straw bag along with her when she came over. If that isn't slapping my face, then what is? She clearly has an engagement with me first and still gets into a relationship with another man, simply a complete tramp!"

"If it was not because she is a life exterminator, father also wouldn't let you marry this kind of idiotic and loose woman. After all, you two haven't seen each other for many, so even if she has changed, that is still within reason. However, you must remember, right now she is in our territory. Even if she doesn't want this marriage, she must still accept it!" Lei Xu's eyes flashed with a trace of ruthlessness.

"In these next few days, take good care of Su Lingsheng. The sooner that she wakes up, the sooner we can borrow her abilities to continue mining the mineral veins. Half a month later, those merchants will come again, so we need to prepare things as soon as possible. Do you understand?" He asked as he gave his instructions.

"I understand." Lei Min nodded.

The Lei family father and son duo chatted some more for a time before going their own separate ways.

Meanwhile, Ling He who had left from the City Lord's Residence stopped in the middle of the road, facing Ji Fengyan as he angrily denounced the rudeness and arrogance of the Lei family father and son duo.

"My lady, I have the decree of office from His Majesty here! You basically didn't need to go look for Lei Xu, that *** ** * **! As Ji City's City Lord, the mineral veins here were originally yours to freely manage." Ling He was very depressed. Before, he had already prepared well to fall out with the Lei family father and son duo, thinking that Ji Fengyan had finally grown up and prepared to take over the city lord position of Ji City. But who would have thought…

What the young lady was thinking about was actually those ores!

Ji Fengyan looked at the righteously indignant Ling He and laughed. "Big brother He, is there really a need to rush in taking back the position of city lord? What is mine, in the end will be mine."

Becoming the city lord would definitely result in a lot of problems. Right now, Ji Fengyan's primary objective was cultivating. Once one is strong enough, then they could just crush their opponents into ashes!

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