Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
59 Chapter 59: If You Have Words, Say it Directly
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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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59 Chapter 59: If You Have Words, Say it Directly

Just as Ji Fengyan's words landed, Lei Xu couldn't prevent the teacup in his hands from slightly shaking, his eyes full of astonishment as he looked at her.

"Mineral veins? What mineral veins?" Lei Xu asked, pretending to be calm.

Ji Fengyan was too lazy to cut around the corners and just spoke directly. "Ji City has an abundant amount of ores. In these last few days, when I went to several of the stone gambling establishments to play around for a bit, I felt that it was very interesting. I know that the majority of Ji City's superior mineral veins are all managed by the City Lord and I've also been in the city for several days already. Therefore, I'd like to know when does Sir Lei plan on taking me to see those mineral veins?"

Lei Xu's face slightly twitched. No matter what, he had never thought that Ji Fengyan, this little girl, would actually be interested in those mineral veins. He had also heard about that affair in the stone gambling establishment between Ji Fengyan and Su Lingsheng, but he had originally thought that it was because Ji Fengyan wasn't willing to be "divested of her love" and thus looked for trouble with Su Lingsheng. Who would have thought that she would unexpectedly truly have ideas about those mineral veins?

Not responding in an instant, Lei Xu took a few sips of his tea as he composed himself.

Off to the side, Ling He already couldn't hold himself back. Seeing Lei Xu play dumb, he immediately began to press him. "Sir Lei! Our Young Lady has been officially and personally appointed to the position of city lord of Ji City by His Majesty! We won't bother about your arrangements for us before, but this is a privilege that should have originally belonged to the city lord. Or is Sir Lei still planning on hiding and tucking in? Even a rabbit when forced can also bite people!"

The sharpness in Ling He's tone had already clearly displayed its threatening intentions.

Lei Xu narrowed his eyes, his face sinking as he gazed at Ling He. Without avoiding it, Ling He met Lei Xu's eyes head on.

Suddenly, Lei Xu laughed.

"This brother, is there a need to be so agitated? Fengyan is my future daughter-in-law and has grown up together with Min'er since childhood. As her elder, how could I possibly mistreat her? The situation with the mineral veins is very simple, I was just a bit astonished that Fengyan would be interested in those cold and hard stones. Since Fengyan wants to look, then I naturally won't stop her. However, most of the mineral veins around Ji City are located in the wilderness. As it's already quite late, we'll have to wait until tomorrow if you want to go." Lei Xu stated, looking at Ji Fengyan.

"Tomorrow then." Ji Fengyan shrugged. If it wasn't because she was unfamiliar with Ji City's countryside, she would have explored her way there on her own.

"Excellent, I'll let someone arrange things. As the weather these last few days haven't been so good, the mineral veins have been a bit chaotic. For your safety, Uncle Lei will arrange for people to prepare well." Lei Xu laughed in both overflowing kindness and gentleness. Off to the side, Lei Min wanted to speak but was stopped by a glance from Lei Xu.

"Such words from Sir Lei are good enough. I'll be waiting outside the city gates tomorrow early in the morning." After receiving her objective answer from Lei Xu, Ji Fengyan had no plans to remain for any longer.

"Fengyan, you're leaving just like that? You rarely come to see Uncle Lei, so won't you sit for a while?" Lei Xu asked politely.

Ji Fengyan abruptly pulled up Liu Huo who was still sitting and laughed. "Sir Lei doesn't need to be polite. With all this time, it would still be better for me to accompany my little Liu Huo more. After all, the wounds on his body still haven't recovered, so I'll be taking my leave first."

Gracefully pulling Liu Huo's hands, Ji Fengyan proudly walked out in front of the Lei family's father and son duo's face.

Lei Min clenched his teeth as he watched Ji Fengyan's back, his face both darkening and paling. After Ji Fengyan had completely left, Lei Min finally couldn't hold back anymore. "Father! This dead girl is obviously coming over to embarrass me! What does that dog-fart Liu Huo count as?! Father, have you been muddled?! How could you bring her to the mineral veins?!"

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