Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
57 Chapter 57: Liu Huo’s Helplessness
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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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57 Chapter 57: Liu Huo’s Helplessness

Ling He went off to summon everybody while Ji Fengyan brought Bai Ze to the side courtyard while humming a tune.

Inside the side courtyard, it was peaceful and quiet with only one room there that was half-closed. Ji Fengyan lazily walked over, pushing the door open and going in, seeing a scene that made her instantly stiffen.

That noticeably immature and beautiful young teenager stood still in front of the bed, his hands holding a new set of clothes while that remarkably lithe body, without anything covering it, was completely exposed before Ji Fengyan' sight.

The immaturity that a teenager would have along with that supple waist. It all came together into a rather fantastic and enchanting scene.

"..." Ji Fengyan essentially never thought that just as she walked in, she would actually see such a bright red scene of a beautiful teenager changing clothes.

For a time, Liu Huo stiffened in place, his upper body bare while his hands still held the clothes that the guards just sent over. Meanwhile, the eyes of the young girl facing him brightened as they moved about his body.

He didn't know why, but Liu Huo had a misperception of being a "woman who was peeped on".

"What's the matter?" Liu Huo, after being astonished for a moment, calmly put on his clothes, covering up that piece of spring scenery.

At this point, Ji Fengyan finally retrieved her gaze, rubbing her chin in deep thoughts. "It truly is unexpected that little Liu Huo's body would look this good. I thought you would be really thin."

Liu Huo's hands that was buttoning up his top suddenly stiffened.

"Don't be shy. You'll be paying me with your body, so it still won't be a problem even if I looked at the goods ahead of time." Ji Fengyuan smiled cheekily, seating her rump onto a chair off to the side

Liu Huo remained silent.

What paying with your body? Was that really not just her senseless mutterings?!

"I came looking for you today to discuss something with you." She said, smiling brightly.

"What?" Liu Huo sighed. He really felt a bit of a headache towards a certain person's shamelessness.

"In a moment, I'll be going to see a few scum. You should also know, with me being such a weak and frail woman, I'm basically incapable of dealing with them. So, I need you to come help me out for a bit." Ji Fengyan lied without turning red or changing her breaths.

Liu Huo's expression couldn't become even more stiff.

This woman, where was she weak and frail?

"I saved your life, will you not even satisfy this little teeny-tiny request of mine?" Ji Fengyan smiled as she asked.

"..." Liu Huo looked at Ji Fengyan, his expression incomparably complicated.

Perhaps in this lifetime, he would never again see such a thick-skinned woman.

It didn't matter how "scornful" Liu Huo's eyes were, Ji Fengyan's actions didn't change in the least. She would have to face the Lei family father and son duo when she went to the City Lord's Residence. Even without thinking, Ji Fengyan also knew that those two had constantly wanted to use the original owner and Lei Min's engagement as their tool. Therefore, how could she just idiotically fall for it?

Ji Fengyan just didn't believe that if she brought along an "ambiguous" beautiful teenager, Lei Min would still be able to smile with that face of his!

After being nauseated by the Lei family's father and son duo so many time, she naturally had to nauseate them back.

Smiling cheerfully as she watched Liu Huo's constantly changing face, Ji Fengyan held her chin with an "If you don't agree, I'll keep shamelessly badgering you" expression.

Liu Huo remained silent for a long time before answering. "Very well."

"I'll notify you when I leave." Having obtained his agreement, Ji Fengyan left in satisfaction.

Furrowing his brows, Liu Huo looked at Ji Fengyan's back as she left with an extremely complicated expression.

The favour of saving his life, taking him in, caring for him…

Even though she was a strange woman, she was still his benefactor.

"Ai…" Liu Huo couldn't resist letting out a sigh.

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