Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
54 Chapter 54: I Don’t Want This One or This One, Wrap Up All of the Rest for Me
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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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54 Chapter 54: I Don’t Want This One or This One, Wrap Up All of the Rest for Me

However, inside their hearts, Ling He and the others were more uncomfortable than the next towards their young lady's more and more insane behaviour.

The young lady couldn't have truly hit her head too hard during that enemy ambush last time, right?

On Ji Fengyan's side, it was full of excitement as she showed Ling He and the others how to cultivate.

However, on the City Lord's Residence's side, it was covered in a apprehensive cloud of gloominess.

Ji Fengyan's choice of a mount completely startled Lei Xu, causing him to be deeply afraid of the day when His Majesty learned of this affair and handed down punishment. Such a feeling of where his scheme against others failed and instead came around to bite him really made Lei Xu suffocated to the point where he almost spat blood. After he came back to his residence, Lei Xu immediately sent people to send two mount off to Ji Fengyan's place. The result? They hadn't even entered the door before they were driven back.

Ji Fengyan had hardened her heart in wanting that frail and weak fawn!

"Father, what do we do now? Sooner or later, Ji Fengyan will have to enter the battlefield. When this is found out, it's likely that…" Lei Min's face was also extremely unsightly. Who would have known that Ji Fengyan would actually have made this move? As such, it would have been better if they directly brought the mounts over the first time. In the worst case scenario, they would just have to take the mount away after Ji Fengyan had chosen.

Now things were just great, all of it was completely wasted.

Lei Xu tightly furrowed his brows as he thought for a while. "You don't need to worry too much about this situation. I'll arrange someone to chose a mount and leave it behind. When the time comes and if His Majesty asks, we can just push the responsibility onto that dead girl. Despite all of our efforts and energy in raising a mount for her, she just had to be someone who couldn't handle things properly and forcibly insisted on choosing trash. We also can't just ignore the will of a life exterminator. Do you understand?"

Lei Min was slightly stunned, but immediately understood his father's intentions. Quickly smiling, he immediately flattered Lei Xu. "Father is wise and prescient ."

Lei Xu didn't become smug and continued on, "Lingsheng still hasn't woke up?"

Shaking his head, the smile on Lei Min's face disappeared. Ever since Su Lingsheng came back that day, she had been in a deep coma and constantly burning with a high fever. Many doctors had also checked on her several times, but she had no reactions throughout the entire process.

"Should we tell the Eldest Princess about this situation?" Lei Min probed.

Lei Xu waved his hand. "Right now, the Eldest Princess is busy with contacting the Grandmaster, so we shouldn't trouble her first with this thing. However, with Lingsheng in a coma this time, the mining of the mineral veins on the West Mount will have to be halted temporarily."

"Understood." Lei Min turned his eyes before asking, "Then the mount left behind…"

Raising his brows as he looked at Lei Min, Lei Xu abruptly laughed. "Min'er has also grown up. Those mounts are all valuable commodities that His Majesty sent people to personally choose. Pick one for yourself, in the future that mount will be given to you to raise."

Immediately smiling, Lei Min said: "I will definitely raise it well."

Lei Xu nodded his head in satisfaction.

Inside Ji City, after the largest stone gambling establishment's manager became insane, the store was handed over to his son without any commotion. Everything was just as it was before, only… Inside Ji City's stone gambling circle an odd person suddenly appeared.

That person had a dainty figure and wore a cloak, hiding their facial features. Frequently going into many of Ji City's big stone gambling establishments, this person would audaciously sweep away all of the store's raw stones like a fierce wind sweeping away leaves. Strangely enough, that person also never opened the stones on the spot and just hired a trailer, directly carrying the large amounts of raw stones away.

The style of this person's luxurious spending and decisively sweeping away the stones attracted quite a bit of attention. Unfortunately, the several people who wanted to covertly follow and check the other party's status all inexplicably became confused while secretly following, directly losing track of their target…

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