Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
20 Chapter 20 – Magical Mud Ball
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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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20 Chapter 20 – Magical Mud Ball

All of the guards instantly concentrated their gazes on Ling He's body, preparing to instantly dash out and get a doctor.

However, Ling He's conflicted face slowly eased up as time passed. The way he looked at Ji Fengyan also gradually changed from helplessness into astonishment and shock.

"How is it?" Ji Fengyan stared at Ling He seriously. Those medicinal pills lacked two herbs so she used a few others to substitute for them, but she had no idea if it would work or not.

Ling He swallowed and unconsciously lowered his head, pulling up his dirty sleeves, revealing a blood-soaked bandage wrapped around the wound on his forearm. He received it during the battle before, but because there were no doctor or medicine, it couldn't be treated appropriately.

At this moment, Ling He felt his wound itching slightly and quickly removed the bandage wrap. Waves of enormous shock drowned him when he saw his injury revealed before his eyes!

The originally gnarled wound of flesh and blood was unexpectedly healing at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. Gradually, new and delicate skin began to cover up that bloody injury.

This scene stupefied Ling He. After he swallowed that "mud ball", it felt as if a warm current poured into his body and then every wound began to itch. In an instant, all of his exhaustion was dispersed by that warmth.

Still, Ling He had never thought that the unremarkable "mud ball" would actually have such a magical effect!

Moving next to Ling He, Ji Fengyan lifted up his wrist, bringing that healing injury slightly closer for a more careful look.

Her delicate brows furrowed a bit, "As expected. Missing two herbs has slowed down its effects by a lot, but this is also acceptable."

That tone had an indescribable disappointment in it.

Only, she didn't know…

Ling He had long ago already been flabbergasted.

This result was called slow?!

For better or worse, Ling He had been on the battlefield before. Although medication was expensive, the army still had a decent amount. While following Ji Yun, he had once used an extremely high-grade medication, but the medication's rate of healing still required a few days and that was already considered to be pretty fast. Now…

Compared to this half-finished "mud ball" that he took, it was simply utter trash!

Looking at the dissatisfaction on Ji Fengyan's face, Ling He almost had the urge to kneel because of his young lady!

Originally, the reason their young lady wanted them to go buy medicinal herbs instead of resting was all so she could refine these magical "mud balls" for them!

The guards off to the side saw how magical this "mud ball's" effects were. Before, their hearts that were full of worries and now, it was like they were deeply afraid that it would be snatched by someone else. Every single guard quickly swallowed the medicinal pill in their hands.

In an instant…

It was as if they opened a great door to a new world!

The many days that they spent rushing about had strained their bodies to its limits. Pain from the wounds on them had already came close to making them feel numb, but in the instant that they swallowed these medicinal pills, all of their discomfort seemed to be immediately smoothed out. Only the itching of their healing injuries were left.

This itchiness didn't bring them any pain. Instead, almost everyone laughed like an idiot.

Who said that their young lady was a useless punching bag?!

They promised not to beat them to death!

Capable of summoning lightning to blast nearly a hundred mages to death and also able to refine a "mud ball" that could instantly slaughter a high-grade medication!

How was she a useless punching bag?!

She was obviously their goddess!

One guard after the other laughed idiotically. The way they looked at Ji Fengyan was full of rabid worship, almost unable to resist the urge to throw themselves at her skirt and hug her thigh.

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