Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
11 Chapter 11: Trouble comes a-knocking
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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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11 Chapter 11: Trouble comes a-knocking

Ji Fengyan looked at Ling He's "bashful" expression and in her heart she knew the truth. She silently felt around in her interspatial souljade, then pulled out a dazzling gold bar with a wave of her hand.

Once Ji Fengyan presented it to Ling He, his eyes bulged out to the point of nearly rolling out from his eye sockets.


Their lady apparently had a gold bar on her!!!!

If Ling He and their group was any most destitute, they would be gnawing on bark. Ji Fengyan's bright gold bar was like a dream to them.

"Miss…your gold bar…where did it come from…" Ling He said, gulping.

Ji Fengyan rolled her eyes and laughed. "Don't bother asking. Just take it."

The gold bar had been passed down from her grandmaster. Ji Fengyan didn't know whether gold was a viable currency in this world. But seeing Ling He's reaction, she thought it wouldn't be too big of a problem.

"This…this much…your liege doesn't dare…"Ling He said, his hands uncontrollably shaking.

"Just take it and go to the city to buy some food for us. Oh right, I have a list here. First go and see if there are any places selling medicinal herbs, and see if you can buy them." Ji Fengyan said before passing Ling He a list she had compiled on the carriage ride. Those medicinal herbs were all based on her 24th century memories. She didn't know whether this world had them.

Ling He glanced at the list in his hand. He couldn't help but feel a little curious. Why would their lady, without rhyme or reason, want them to go and buy a bunch of medicinal herbs? But he didn't dare ask further. He could only summon two lightly wounded bodyguards to accompany him into the city on a shopping trip.

"Miss, what will we do about this kid?" a bodyguard said, carrying the beautiful unconscious boy Ji Fengyan's front. Ever since Ji Fengyan used Five Bolts to wipe out their pursuers, the bodyguards didn't dare underestimate her.

Ji Fengyan raised her line of sight and saw the beautiful boy that the bodyguard carried. Her smile fell, giving way to a slightly stiffened expression.

After this boy had ingested the pill, his wounds stabilized. But the wounds on his back still looked frighteningly severe. Every time Ji Fengyan saw the bloody wounds, waves of guilt would wash over her…

Ji Fengyan coughed and said, "I'll go and find a room so that he can rest a bit."

She then stood up and patted off the layer of dust on her clothes. Then she headed off and ran into the messy courtyard manor to find a makeshift room.

But the search left Ji Fengyan's heart crying tears of misery. The desolate courtyard manor was comparable to a cruddy temple. Ji Fengyan could only tidy up a somewhat suitable room she found, and then ask the bodyguards to fetch the cotton bed sheets they had brought with them. After making the bed, they lay the unconscious boy face-down on the sheets.

The filth on the boy's face had been wiped clean, and revealed his fair complexion. He was beautiful no matter how you looked at him.

Ji Fengyan was in the middle of relishing in the boys looks, when she suddenly heard a clamor. Before Ji Fengyan could even stand up, three strangers' silhouettes appeared outside the door.

"This person should be Fengyan, right? Long time no see. You seem to have blossomed since we last met," a fortyish middle-aged man dressed in magnificent brocade said chuckling. A young man and woman stood behind him. The man looked to be roughly twenty, and his carefree nature shone through his handsome features. The woman next to him had a dainty appearance.

After the young man entered the room, his slightly furrowed brows remained scrunched. His gaze towards Ji Fengyan was unspeakably queer.

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