Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
9 Chapter 9: What sort of freak is my fiancé?
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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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9 Chapter 9: What sort of freak is my fiancé?

"Miss, I think young master Lei has probably been anticipating your arrival for a long time," the stout man said, feigning joy. "Now with this trip to Ji City, my lady should be able to quickly meet him."

However, Ji Fengyan's face remained unchanged, revealing her apathy.

Ji Fengyan knew very well that Lei Min was the young master Lei he spoke of.

The original body had plenty of "beautiful" memories of Lei Min. Amidst the dark and painful memories of the Ji family, he had appeared like a golden ray of sun, illuminating her life. She had longed for her "Brother Lei Min", and Lei Min was rather kind and respectful towards her.

Lei Min was the most beautiful fragment of her memories in the Ji household.


As a bystander, Ji Fengyan didn't have any warm feelings towards the "handsome, kindhearted" Lei Min.

Seeing Ji Fengyan not peeping a word, the stout man let the bodyguards go to report of their arrival.

After the two languid sentries received the news, they didn't appear stern or nervous. Rather, their scrutinizing gazes swept across Ji Fengyan unmasked. After the two surveyed the bodyguards and noticing their distressed sorry state, disdain flashed in their eyes. Finally, they sluggishly stood up and said without heed, "The governor has been briefed. Just come and follow us." Their attitude was disrespectful beyond words.

Ji Fengyan and her group weren't welcomed. Even Lei Xu didn't bother making an appearance. They were met with only the two languid sentries who led them into the city.

Today was the first day Ji Fengyan would come to Ji City to assume her duties. Yet this Lei Xu didn't bother preparing anything. Did he just plan to half-heartedly wave his hands and be done with it?

"Where's Lei Xu?" the stout man said with a darkened face. "Why didn't he come and receive us?"

The two sentries weren't the least bit shaken. They just glanced at the stout man's filthy clothes, and said levelly, "Today, esteemed guests of the royal family visited the city. Our governor obviously has to receive them personally. Don't tell me you want the governor to leave the imperial guests laying wayside, just to scuttle here and receive you? Your ego is quite large."

"You!" huffed the stout man upon hearing the sentries' words. He barely held back his urge to swing down his great sword and chop these two bastards in half.

"Okay okay. If you have complaints, feel free to talk to the esteemed guests," one of the sentries said with a phony smile. "Why make things hard for us? If you want to go in, go in. If you don't, then just patiently wait here. Maybe after entertaining the guests, the governor will find some time and come over. Who knows?"

Just as the sentry was ridiculing them, two girls with charming countenances walked out from the city, one dressed in pink, the other in blue. Their delicate features contrasted sharply against the dilapidated city backdrop. The stark juxtaposition was terribly eye-catching. The two didn't seem to intend on leaving the city. Rather, they stood just within the city gates, and peered towards Ji Fengyan who stood outside them. Their uncomfortable probing gazes swept across Ji Fengyan multiple times.

The stout man was currently roiling in the anger ignited by the rude sentries. He simply didn't notice the appearance of the two women. Instead, it was Ji Fengyan who felt somewhat unpleasant under their prickly gazes. She raised her brow and looked towards them. But with this glance, she suddenly felt cheerful.

Those two women were Lei Min's maids. Back in the capital, they often accompanied him. The original body had actually seen them a few times.


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