Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
8 Chapter 8: Fengyan of Ji City
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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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8 Chapter 8: Fengyan of Ji City

Though Ji City' scenery was excellent, it's remote location deterred many, and few people visited. The once lofty city walls were now pitiful and dilapidated. Scraggly green moss blanketed the whole span, and weeds poked through the crevices.

The stout man furrowed his brows and said, "This is Ji City?"

Though they had previously heard it was remote, they never thought that it would be rundown like this.

Upon thinking of how their lady would assume governorship of this decrepit city, the bodyguards felt their hearts ache.

"This place ain't that bad," Ji Fengyan said, her voice suddenly sounding in their ears.

The bodyguards, who had just cried injustice on her behalf, became stupefied when they saw Ji Fengyan poke her head out of the window and look towards the city with laughter in her eyes.

"Not-not bad?" the stout man said with a twitch of his mouth. This palm-sized city is old as its rundown. What part qualifies as 'not bad'?!

"Green mountains. Clear waters. It's so nice," Ji Fengyan said contently. "The name is also pretty nice. It's called Ji city. And I'm Ji Fengyan. Isn't it fitting?" The closer to nature cultivators were, the better. They could only purify their power by absorbing the essence of the earth.

While on the road, Ji Fengyan checked her inner core. The inner core was a cultivator's foundation, and all of a cultivator's power originated from it. During Ji Fengyan's tribulation trial earlier, her inner core was already dazzlingly pure. But after being reborn, she tragically discovered that during the tribulation, the lightning had apparently shattered her inner core!!

This instigated the weakness of her Five Bolts, which were unable to obliterate that group of bastards.

Ji Fengyan urgently needed to restore her inner core. Or else don't even mention immortality. Her whole skill set would probably scatter to the winds.

Ji Fengyan wholeheartedly believed that Ji City was very suitable for cultivating. But that wasn't what the bodyguards had in mind. With an aching expression, they looked at Ji Fengyan, and were nearly on the brink of tears.

Exactly how much did their lady suffer?

She clearly came from the flourishing imperial capital, so how could she call Ji City "pretty nice"? Even without thinking, they could imagine what sort of heartbreaking life Ji Fengyan had led.

The bodyguards clenched their hearts in thought of her "past" experiences.

Facing their caring sympathetic gazes, Ji Fengyan's mind filled with fog. If it weren't for the fact that she knew they were unaware of her shattered inner core, she would have really believed that they were lamenting over it.

The stout captain coughed and sternly said, "Enough. Go and promptly inform them. The official documents should have arrived. Just let the old governor come out and conduct the inauguration ceremony." The captain then cleared his throat and furtively wiped at his reddened eyes, which brimmed with tears.

"Captain, I heard this city's governor is from the Lei family. That family and our lady's family are in-laws, so maybe the situation isn't as bad as we think," a bodyguard said.

The Lei family also possessed the World ending armor. Nowadays the current sitting governor was Lei Xu from a Lei branch family. He had a son, Lei Min, who just turned twenty this year. Not long after Ji Fengyan was born, the heads of the Lei and Ji family already talked it over, and betrothed Ji Fengyan to Lei Min. During childhood, Lei Min was raised by the Lei family, and lived in the imperial capital where the Ji family also resided. When they were young, Lei Min and Ji Fengyan were well acquainted. It was only five years prior, that Lei Min came to Ji City.

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