Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
7 Chapter 7: Faced with beauty. Must rescue it!
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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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7 Chapter 7: Faced with beauty. Must rescue it!

"Save him first!" Ji Fengyan said. To mask her guilt, she hurriedly squatted and supported the child up.

But just as she did so, she was dumbstruck.

The child was a young boy beautiful beyond belief. Though dust caked his face, it couldn't mask his exquisite features. Because of the loss of blood, the pale face had been blanched a snow white. Though he was unconscious, his furrowed brows revealed the deep pain he was in.

In her past world, Ji Fengyan had seen many pretty boys, but none like the child in front of her. Those boys couldn't even compare! Just looking at his current features, she could tell that once grown, he would be devastatingly gorgeous—a fiend that would be the downfall of an entire city…no, country!

Ji Fengyan was a bonafide cultivator. She usually liked to give off the illusion that a thick air of immortality ensconced her. The little demon, whether human or not, fiercely stirred her cultivator soul, which was especially weak to cute things.

The children of immortals probably came out looking just like this.

Ji Fengyan snapped back from her daydream. "Uhh, first bring him onto the carriage. When we get to the city, we'll treat his wounds."

Now having witnessed Ji Fengyan's mystical powers, the bodyguards immediately heeded her orders. Without a moment's hesitation, they carried the little demon onto the carriage.

Ji Fengyan followed. Seeing the unconscious child, her eyes tinged with guilt. She suddenly thought of her transmigration, and didn't know whether the interspatial soul jade from her master still existed. Closing her eyes, she searched around in the depths of her soul and discovered it. Apparently the soul-bound jade was still there, and Ji Feiyan became jubilant.

The interspatial soul jade was a sort of interspatial reserve for cultivators. Anything could be placed inside. But in the 24th century, when cultivators were few and far between, interspatial soul jades were also scarcer than scarce. The one in Ji Fengyan hands had been passed down from her grandmaster, generation through generation. Many fine things were stored inside.

Ji Fengyan immediately started rifling through her interspatial soul jade for a life-preserving pill. This guy suffered the Five Bolts. Only the Heavens would know if the doctors of this world could save him!

While Ji Fengyan was searching eyes closed, she didn't notice that the boy who lay beside her showed signs of movement. He still felt pained, and his eyes squinted open. Once he saw Ji Fengyan, he suddenly scrunched his brows. A maliciousness, in discord with his young age, flashed through his eyes. But at the next second, he fell back into a drowsy slumber.

Yet through this, Ji Feiyan was completely unaware.

The group drew closer to their Ji City, their destination. Ji City was situated on the eastern fringe of the Fiery Lightning Empire. Its pleasant scenery drew from the surrounding water and the mountains it was built on. Ji City could only be considered a town; its scope was barely larger than that of a village. Because there was only one road to and from the city, the economic activity was rather dire. It's population couldn't be considered sizable. Though it sat amidst a mountain range, it lacked natural resources. Its only export was rare, uncommon ores. But every year, the mined quantity was capped, and that wasn't enough to draw herds of interested caravans.

Ji Fengyan's carriage gradually made its way to just outside the city. The stout captain raised his line of sight and saw the city gates, which were slowly approaching in sight. Outside the gates, two languid sentries sat resting against the wall without even a trace of a soldier's semblance.

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