Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
6 Chapter 6: A “brother Lin” rolled down from the mountains
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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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6 Chapter 6: A “brother Lin” rolled down from the mountains

Till this day, they still could not forget the first time they saw Ji Fengyan. She was young and clothes washed stark white hung on her bony figure. It was worlds away from what they had imagined.

They would never forget the moment they took out the World ending armor and were met with her siblings' greedy eyes and cursing mouths.

"The way I see it-," a bodyguard seethed, clenching his fists, "This matter definitely has something to do with those cousins. My lady had already agreed to hand over the armor, yet they still send assassins. Are they even human?!"

"Regardless, we owe the lord," the stout captain said, furrowing his brows. "We absolutely cannot see our lady suffer right in front of our eyes. Even if our lady turns over the armor, I don't think those people will even spare her life. We cannot let her return. After we reach the city and she assumes the governorship, we have to think of a way to keep her there. We can't let her go home because of a soft heart."

Ji Fengyan was fourteen, but looked to be only eleven or twelve. Only the heavens knew what sort of miserable life she had led at home.

"Captain, don't worry! This time, it's all thanks to our lady. Our lives are hers, and we'll definitely protect her!" the bodyguards vowed.

"Okay okay, it's good as long as you know," the stout captain said. "But don't let her overhear. She has a warm heart. And even if those bastard cousins were mean to her, she would still be kind till the end. Knowing the truth will only make her sad."

"Yes sir!"

The carriage hadn't even progressed twenty meters before a black figure tumbled out from the mountains, and rolled to a stop in front of the horse hooves. Assuming it was another enemy ambush, the shocked group of bodyguards raised their defenses. But once they looked, they were all dumbstruck.

Inside, Ji Fengyan felt the carriage come to a stop. She thought something had happened, and stuck out her head to look, only to see a chubby kid collapsed in front of the carriage.

His back was soaked in blood and huge swaths of red had stained the dirt he tumbled past, marking his descent.

"What's wrong with this kid?" she asked. The stout captain immediately stepped forward to inspect. Ji Fengyan alighted from the carriage, and joined the captain.

The child looked to be at most thirteen or fourteen. He lay face-down and his wounds weren't light. Once Ji Fengyan saw the child's burns, her face immediately darkened.

Ji Fengyan knew the effects of the Five Bolts better than anyone, and the wounds on the child's back were clearly the aftermath. Plus, the place where he had rolled down from was within the range of the second Five Bolts she had cast.

In a moment, Ji Fengyan became speechless…

True, she wanted to strike those assassins. But…she had no intention of hurting innocents!!

Looking at the child's bruises and harsh abrasions, the guilt in Ji Feiyan's heart was undescribable…

"Miss, this child's wounds…" the stout captain pensively said.

Ji Feiyan felt some guilt. Though she could use explosive power as a cultivator, she would never harm the innocent. If she did, she was bound to be struck by lightning from the heavens as retribution. But…how could she have known that a child would hide in these mountains so forlorn that even a bird wouldn't bother laying an egg there.


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