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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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5 Chapter 5: A bleak childhood

The World ending armor was a very special item. Those who wore it would immediately wield godly power. Those who had the World ending armor were deemed exterminators, and were the primary battle force of the nation. And in every nation, those who had the World ending armor were just like the original Ji Fengyang. Though she was only a fourteen-year-old girl, she had been bestowed the governorship of a city because she inherited the armor. But it drew a considerable amount of malicious envy.

What a pity. Because she grew up with no father by her side, she was the object of her sibling's amusement. Under prolonged bullying, she became unusually weak. Though she was called a lady, her days in the household were inferior to those of her servants.

This time her father died in battle, and had left the World ending armor to her. Her cousins then forced her to turn over the armor. She was used to being coerced and bullied into submission. She didn't even have the courage to say no, and could only tell them that she would hand it over after the inauguration ceremony for her governorship. But…

It seems like some people were unable to sit still for even a second!

The stout captain looked at Ji Fengyan with a face full of reverence. While hugging his greatsword that Ji Fengyan "blessed", he ordered the lightly wounded to piggyback those with heavier injuries. When Ji Fengyuan didn't notice, the stout captain blindly felt around the place she had originally collapsed for the piece of cloth that was used to wipe her wounds. Upon finding it, he carefully tucked it away.

A nearby bodyguard looked bewildered when he saw his captain pick up a blood-stained cloth, and stow it away as if some treasure.

"Captain, what are you picking up a poor piece of cloth for?" the bodyguard said.

The stout captain stiffened, and stealthily turned his face, whispering, "What poor cloth?! This is a treasure because it's stained with our lady's blood !"

"…" The bodyguard was left speechless. Did their captain also get struck retarded by the lightning?

The stout captain saw that the bodyguard didn't understand. So he decided to explain the whole thing and muttered the whole chain of events into his ear, describing Ji Fengyan's blood talisman and the summoned thunderclouds.

The bodyguard suddenly trembled, yet didn't mock the captain. He immediately hooked his sword onto his waist, bent down, and began to rummage through the rubble.

"Captain, how could you be so selfish! Find me a piece too!" the bodyguard said.

"OK OK OK! But what's there to find? I searched so long and only got this piece," the stout captain said with a humph.

"Then split me a little!"

"Screw off!"

Ji Fengyan didn't notice them. Her head was full of thoughts on how to cultivate and attain immortality in this new world.

Even if she changed a body, that doesn't mean she extinguished her desire to surmount the tribulation!

The bodyguards tidied everything up more or less. The good news was that their horse carriage was still there. Though it had been ravaged by the lightning, fortunately it still worked. The stout captain let Ji Fengyan board the carriage, with the bodyguards accompanying outside.

Seeing Ji Fengyan board the carriage, the stout captain couldn't help but let out a sigh.

"That year, the lord was out defending the country. If he knew our lady was being bullied like that, I wonder how much his heart would ache," the captain said. These bodyguards had all stood shoulder to shoulder with her father on the battlefield. Only later did her father pass away. Following the emperor's decree, they took the World ending armor and located Ji Fengyan.

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