Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
4 Chapter 4: My lady is poisonous!
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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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4 Chapter 4: My lady is poisonous!

Upon hearing the ear-deafening clap of thunder, all the people became dumbstruck. They stared at the scorched hillside with their mouths agape, and couldn't believe their eyes.

Atop the hill, the once brazen pursuers became stupefied. They disbelievingly looked at the huge swaths of their fallen comrades and then became petrified.

They completely didn't understand. Where in the world did those brutal lightning bolts appear from?

"Huh? Still not dead? I'll be damned if I don't split you into smithereens! To even think of using lightning to strike me! If you wanna talk lightning, I'm ten times your senior!!"Ji Fengyan said, looking at the opposite hillside where the small tuft of survivors had stood.

At once, she tore another piece off her hem and quickly wrote a second Five Bolts talisman in blood. With a flick of her wrist, the cloth fluttered into the air and she swung the great sword!


The second roll of thunder was even more ear-piercing than the first. Not a split-second later, densely-packed heavenly lightning once again coruscated down.

In a split second!

Not a standing figure remained. On the opposite hillside, only a swath of burnt corpses lay fallen stiffly on the ground.

A moment later, the whole world became eerily silent. Only waves of the burning smell drifted from the opposite hillside, carried by the wind.

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes as if confirming whether the Five Bolts had really blasted the black-robed men into pieces.

She completely wasn't aware of the bodyguards behind her, who were long dumbstruck. They stood wide-mouthed, as if seeing a demon.

"Just-just now...what happened?" a bodyguard said, as if he hadn't personally witnessed what just happened. Even if you killed him, he wouldn't believe that their lady could send a hundred plus people to their deaths with a casual wave of a sword.

"I-I'm also not sure..." the stout captain said swallowing. Just then, he was the nearest one to Ji Fengyan, and witnessed the whole scene with his own eyes. Yet…he also didn't understand what had happened.

He just saw his lady draw a weird symbol on the cloth in blood. Then she threw it in the air, sliced it with the sword, and then the other people just got struck into corpses by the thunderclouds.

After confirming their deaths, Ji Fengyan threw the great sword into the stout man's hands with a heart full of content. After wiping her bloody fingertip, she turned her head towards the bodyguards and said, "Why are you all standing there like dolts? You don't want to hurry on to the city? Can it be that you want to camp out here in the country, in this desolate place?"

The stout man trembled with fear and tightly hugged his great sword. He never realized how precious it was.

"Miss, what did you just do?" the stout man asked cautiously.

"Strike people with lightning. You didn't see?" Ji Fengyan replied.

The stout man looked at Ji Fengyan and wanted to cry from distress. Of course he knew what she did. But how did she do it? Summoning frightening thunderclouds with a few casual streaks of blood? Could it be…

Their lady's blood… is poisonous?!

The moment this thought surfaced, the stout man's eyes filled with reverence while looking at Ji Fengyan!

"After taking care of the injuries, tidy up a bit and we'll be off," Ji Fengyan said, brushing off the layer of dust on her clothes. But her thoughts were elsewhere. This body still has some of its owner's memories. The whole reason why we were being chased was because of the World ending armor she inherited from her father.

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