Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
3 Chapter 3: Playing with lightning? Son, I’m ten times your senior!
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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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3 Chapter 3: Playing with lightning? Son, I’m ten times your senior!

The wounded bodyguards disregarded their injuries upon hearing the man's frantic shout. One by one, they encircled Ji Fengyan and used their body as meat shields, forming a human wall to defend against the lightning.

Ji Fengyan dazedly stood in the middle, looking at the gaping scorched hole a step away. In the dusk, the lightning incessantly fell dangerously close her. The flashes illuminated the sky, which brightened one second then darkened the next.

Ji Fengyan slowly lifted her head, her eyes unconsciously widening. On the opposite hillside, she saw black-robed men waving their wooden magic staffs. Then, bolts of lightning battered down successively, one after the other.

"Miss! Hurry and leave! I'm afraid we won't be able to hold on much longer," the stout captain said huffing, while deflecting two incoming lightning bolts with his greatsword. Even his greatsword, which was half-a-finger thick, showed signs of cracking under the bombardment of the lightning bolts.

"Huh?" A short laugh then burst out from behind. The stout man turned around dumbfounded to see Ji Fengyan burst out laughing. In a split-second, she pried apart the bodyguards in front of her and walked toward where the lightning had just fallen. Bright blazing flames reflected in her eyes.


"You want to hit me? Damn son, you even dare to strike me with lightning? I've survived ninety-nine heavenly bolts. And yet you still wanna strike me with lightning?!"Ji Fengyan flipped out and yelled upon seeing a sky full of lightning. She thought of her lengthy meticulous preparations and the ninety-eight heavenly bolts she survived,only to be transmigrated by the ninety-ninth to this body. Someone wants to strike her with lightning before this body had even heated up yet?

You people think she's raised on lightning?!

"You think I don't have enough lightning striking me? Son, just you wait!!" Ji Fengyan said, ripping off a piece of cloth from the hem of her top. The stout man cried in shock as she bit her fingertip and with her flowing blood, drew a weird symbol on the cloth.

After the last stroke, Ji Fengyan turned and snatched the greatsword that was once in the stout man's hands. She brandished the blood-stained cloth in the air, and then suddenly sliced the cloth with the sword.

A crisp sound sounded from Ji Fengyan's mouth as she cried, "Five Bolts from the Blue!!"

Accompanying her words, the cloth exploded and transformed into a hovering fireball.

The stout captain was struck dumb. He saw the thin petite Ji Fengyan raise the greatsword, which was taller than her by a head, and then dropped his jaw in shock. He had never before heard those words, which were still reverberating in his ears.

What Five Bolts from the Blue?

Their lady… It couldn't be that she actually injured her head. Could it?

Just as the stout man was wondering if Ji Fengyan was really struck retarded by the lightning, dark clouds rolled in, thoroughly shrouding the twilight skies. Bolt after bolt tried to penetrate the clouds and wreck the earth. But they were mysteriously swallowed whole by those thunderclouds!!!

The only sound was…

With a deafening boom, countless lightning bolts suddenly pierced through the clouds and descended, in a split-second sweeping across everything on the opposite hillside!

It was only a split-second of lightning, but it killed a good half of the robed men. They had been standing on the hilltop, but before they could realize what struck them, their bodies burned black and they fell without a sound.

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