Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
2 Chapter 2: Is this the transmigration of legends?
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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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2 Chapter 2: Is this the transmigration of legends?

Ji Fengyan thought she had died.

But …

Despite her thorough death, why could she hear spurts of sobbing?

The sobbing gradually grew louder. Ji Fengyan instinctively tried to open her eyes to see who would care for her so much as to so heart-wrenchingly cry their eyes out. But when she opened her eyes…

She saw blue skies and white clouds, and also a stout face crying and dripping with snot and tears.

The man cried with such distress. The moment his snot and tears were about to drip onto Ji Fengyan's face, she instinctively raised her hand!


"M-m-miss…" said the stout man who had been crying so hard he could barely breathe. His eyes were full of shock and he looked at Ji Fengyan, who had just slapped him, with horror.

Stupefied, Ji Fengyan widened her eyes. Just then, right when she reached out her hand, what met the palm felt real…

"I…I'm still alive?" Ji Fengyan muttered.

"Miss! Miss, you're all right! Don't scare me like that!" the man sobbed.

Ji Fengyan swiftly sat up. She felt a stabbing pain through her whole body as if her heart would split. But she didn't feel the least bit afflicted. Rather, she felt insurmountable joy!

It hurts so much. She can still feel pain?

So, she hasn't died?!

She's still alive!!!

She apparently lived after being struck by the heavenly tribulation bolt!!!!

"Hahaha…hahaha..."Ji Fengyan couldn't contain her joy and burst out laughing. But her laughter left the stout man next to her dumbstruck.

Next to the stout man, a few armored men also bore the same dazed expression. They covertly poked the stout man and said, "Captain, could it be that our lady injured her head?"

Though the stout man was also dazed, he instinctively defended Ji Fengyan, saying, "Don't speak nonsense!"

Though he said that, he couldn't help thinking the same thing.

How could Ji Fengyan care about what they thought? Knowing that she was still alive, she itched to just jump up in excitement. But before she could even relish in her happiness, scene after scene of memories that weren't her own flooded her head…

There was a weak, timid girl who grew up in a big family. Because of her father's death, she inherited her father's treasures. At fourteen, the emperor decreed her to go to a city and govern it. But…midway there, she suddenly got attacked. The bodyguards her father had left her had died protecting her, yet she still suffered major injuries from the battle. She was already on her deathbed, but who would have thought that when she once again opened her eyes…

Ji Fengyan would appear.

"Transmigration?" Ji Fengyan said, slightly widening her eyes.

Is this considered compensation from the heavens after cheating her?

Just as Ji Fengyan was mulling over life…a sudden bolt of lightning descended from the skies with a boom. It left a black scorched mark on the ground a step away from her.

"Oh no! They want to exterminate us! Quick! Take her away from here!" the stout captain said upon seeing the lightning striking so close. Holding his greatsword, he rushed forward.

On the hillside just opposite of them, a group of black-robed men waved their magic staffs and chanted cryptic incantations. With the opening of their mouths, numerous summoned bolts of thunder pelted down like rain onto the vast ground, leaving scorched marks that emitted tendrils of midnight green smoke.

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