Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
1 Chapter 1: When the heavens demand you die, you have no choice but to perish
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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady
Author :Maru_Akashya
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1 Chapter 1: When the heavens demand you die, you have no choice but to perish

On the outskirts of A City, green hills and clear waters peppered the bucolic countryside void of concrete. But currently, thunder roared and lightning flashed. One after another, bolts of lightning descended, tearing through the dark clouds like a colossal dragon piercing the cloud stratus.

Amidst the booming claps of thunder, a petite figure weaved through the raining lightning bolts, her speed a smidgen faster than the lightning she dodged.

If someone was there, they would clearly see the stormy lightning incessantly striking towards the petite figure as if sentient. Wherever the lightning bolt struck, rocks would split and the earth would crack. The scene was terribly frightening!

Ji Fengyan leaped and darted. The flashes of lightning revealed her small delicate face, which was tinged with a slight flush. Wreckage trailed her path. The lightning left crack after crack in her wake, and the ground was like a ferocious beast opening its jaws, ready to swallow her in a split-second.

"Little brat, if you have the skills come and split me in two!" Ji Fengyan yelled, dodging another lightning bolt before flipping off the heavens with a raised middle finger.

As the last cultivator of the 24th century, Jin Fengyan learned cultivation from her master since childhood. Today was her final tribulation. She only had to endure these ninety-nine heavenly tribulation bolts before she could shed her mortal body and attain immortality!

The most critical juncture for immortal cultivators was the trial of the ninety-nine heavenly tribulation bolts. In modern society, few people believed in cultivation or the like. Jin Fengyan had adequately prepared and had already passed through ninety-eight bolts. She only had to muster through one more before she would become immortal!

Those in her cultivator family tree, regardless of whether it was her master or grandmaster, all succumbed during the final ninety-nine bolt tribulation. She was the only one who had made it to this point.

The last bolt descended with an ear-splitting roar, shaking the valleys. Ji Fengyan held her breath and raised her eyes to meet the heavenly bolt plummeting from the sky. She gathered all her energy under her feet. Right when the bolt was about to strike, she vigorously stimulated her golden core and with all of her defense magic, leaped.

But the moment Ji Fengyan jumped, the sturdy skyscraper at the foot of the mountain exploded. The deafening sound of the explosion generated incomparably strong shockwaves which directly rushed toward Ji Fengyan's direction.

Ji Fengyan stared wide-eyed incredulously. She was in midair and defenseless against the oncoming shockwave. Her small petite frame, with a shove from the shockwave, was propelled towards the ninety-ninth tribulation bolt which she had tried so hard to evade!!!

When the lightning bolt covered her field of vision, Ji Fengyan screamed to the heavens from the abyss of her soul, "HEAVENS, GODDAMMIT!!!! YOU FREAKING CHEATED ME!!!"


What was it like to be struck by lightning?

The pain was a scorching blade slashing every inch of her body, and the torment tantamount to being baked alive in raging flames. It was enough to shred a person's conscious.

Amidst the darkness, Ji Fengyan felt so miserable that she wanted to cry.

She meticulously prepared for two whole years just to pass the tribulation. She would have never guessed that her perfect calculations would be upended by the unanticipated explosion of a nearby skyscraper…


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