Universal Mercenary System
22 Chapter 19
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Universal Mercenary System
Author :Yue_Hajime
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22 Chapter 19

Slowly opening his eyes, Lin Feng was taken aback by the fact that he can even do that after he died. Looking around, he got even more confused as he was wondering how exactly he is inside of a forest, and even more of why his hands are so small.

[Host has died in what is known as a Caged World. Caged Worlds are basically a tutorial for whoever obtains a System, and upon death inside them they will start their official life in a new world. Everything that happened in the Caged World was considered an illusion. Your memories of that world were going to be erased but my Creator decided against it. As a result of entering a world that isn't Caged, all of your Stats and Rank have been lowered to the lowest possible and all your Skills have been removed. Also, you are currently in the body of a child for some reason, even though an adult body was made for you before.]

'Everything that happened before I died was an illusion?' Lin Feng asked in slight shock.

[Yes. It was a world meant to test your character and skill in handling missions given to you. You were successful enough and only failed that final mission which killed you.]

'I see. It was a shame that everything I built up was an illusion, including Lin Min, but I can deal with that. For now let's check my status.' Lin Feng thought.

[Name: Lin Feng

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 12

Class: None

Level: 1{0/100}

Rank: None

Strength: G-

Agility: G-

Dexterity: G-

Endurance: G-

Vitality: G-

Wisdom: G-

Intelligence: G-

Skills: None

Points: 0

Stat Points: 0

Skill Points: 0]

'Why is it so different? What is with this Class, Level and Skill Points thing?' Lin Feng asked in confusion.

[This is a new world, Atlan. It is a world of Fantasy. Humans in this world all have a System as well, but theirs only allows them to level up and check their Status. They do not have a Shop nor Inventory. Class is something all humans of this world have, and obtaining a Class will give benefits towards your Stats while also giving Class related skills. Missions will no longer give Stat Points from now on and they can only be obtained by increasing your level. Skill Points will be used to upgrade Skills, as they will all have multiple Stages with different bonuses each upgrade. Finally, the System will no longer give Host missions actively, and Host will only obtain missions if he stumbles across a lucky encounter which will give him one.]

'... Right, so if I understand right, the Caged World as you call it was basically a playground for me where my hand was held, while this world is a universe without any assistance.' Lin Feng asked after a moment.

[It could be understood as such.]

Just great. Shaking his head he looks around, wondering what he should do now. All of his stats were lowered to the lowest possible, so he was extremely slow and weak at the moment. And considering he is in a fantasy world inside of a forest, there will definitely be monsters that will try to kill him.

He doesn't have a weapon and neither does he have Points to purchase one. Not to mention he is starting to feel hungry. And worse of all he is in the body of a 12 year old child, which makes everything even harder than it needs to be.

With no weapon and a weak child's body, there is a high chance he will die of starvation before anything else. Sighing once again, he decides to just try his best in the situation he was put in. Who knows, he might be able to find a small animal like a rabbit or something. It should give him experience, and it will also give him food.

Just as he was about to go searching in the forest, something moved in the bushes to his right, so without any hesitation he jumped and hid himself in the bushes to his left, quietly watching whatever it was walking out of the bushes and he was surprised yet delighted.

Surprisingly enough, there was indeed rabbits in this forest. Though it looked different. There was a single sharp horn on it's forehead, which he could use as a weapon if he managed to kill it, but it can also damage him with it's horn instead.

Still, this will be his best chance to start everything. A weapon, food and experience. He will probably get injured, but that is something he expected to happen no matter what with his low stats. Crouching perfectly still and not making any noise, he watches as the horned rabbit slowly hops towards his direction without knowing a thing.

Once it gets within his reach, he still stays still without making a noise, waiting for something. Finally, the horned rabbit turned around, giving him the best chance to kill it. Using a stone he picked up when he just woke up, he jumps out as fast as he can and ruthlessly smashes the rock down on the horned rabbits skull, which resulted in a loud cracking noise, which told him his attack worked.

Still, the horned rabbit seemed to be extremely tenacious as it didn't die nor fall to the ground from just that. Turning around, the horned rabbit jumps at Lin Feng, it horn aimed right at his neck. Easily dodging the attack by rolling to the left, he kicks the rabbit in the neck as it was flying by him, sending it crashing into a tree.

Seeing as to how it was currently shaking it's head, he realized it was really dizzy from both his attacks, and he didn't waste the opportunity. Rushing up to it, he smashes the rock into the right eye of the horned rabbit, easily popping it into a mist of blood before doing the same to the other eye. That seemed to end it as the horned rabbit fell to the ground limply.

[Host has killed a Level 3 Horned Rabbit. Obtained 14 experience and 7 points.]

Seeing the screen, he did indeed kill it. Releasing a sigh, he was already somewhat exhausted from just that. Curse his childish body and low stats. Sighing again, he bent down and grabbed onto the horned rabbit's horn, and began pulling on it with all his strength, where he eventually pulled it out of the horned rabbit's head.

It is about the size of a dagger which helps him use it easier, but it still isn't as good as one. Nonetheless, this is his only item that can be considered a real weapon at the moment, as it is indeed pretty sharp. Sharp enough to kill things.

He then realized he doesn't know how to make a fire at all, as he never had the need to do that. Twitching his lips as he looked at the dead rabbit in his hands, he makes up his mind and decides to just eat it as it is.

He has no other choice, really. 7 points isn't enough to buy anything from the Shop, and he can't make a fire. Not to mention he is extremely hungry due to that small fight. Crushing the urge to throw up, he skins the rabbit as best as he can with the horn before he puts the leather into his Inventory.

Finally, he just bites down on the bloody rabbit meat in his hands, the taste of blood instantly filling his mouth. Barely resisting the urge to vomit, he chews and swallows the meat before repeating everything until the rabbit is nothing but bones.
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Finally done eating, he covers his mouth with this hand to prevent himself from vomiting it all back up. Wiping his bloody mouth with his hands, he really hopes there is a lake or river nearby, or he is going to be really annoyed with all this blood on him.

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