Universal Mercenary System
21 Chapter 18
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Universal Mercenary System
Author :Yue_Hajime
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21 Chapter 18

Waking up, Lin Feng gently pushed Lin Min off of his body and got out of bed, stretching his somewhat stiff body before heading into the bathroom to shower.

After he showered, he went to the kitchen and began cooking breakfast for everyone, who soon crowded the kitchen after smelling the food. Shooing them away, he brought the food to the basement where everyone enjoyed the meal before beginning the morning training.

Lin Feng didn't join the training with the others has he was given a mission during his shower. SInce it wasn't an immediate mission he just put it on hold until now. Sitting on the couch, he brings it up and takes a look at it.

[A new mission has appeared. The Lin family has began an extremely dangerous operation, which involves a nuclear bomb. Stop the Lin family from activating the nuclear bomb which is aimed at America, or World War 3 will begin.]

Shocked at what the mission said, he didn't expect for his own family to attempt World War 3. Still, knowing his power hungry father, it wasn't that surprising. Still, this gave him a proper reason to deal with his family after all this time.

Changing into his Reaper outfit, he doesn't speak to the others as he doesn't want to worry them and just rushed out of the house in Stealth, rushing as fast as he can towards the location the Lin family is currently at, which is 2 cities over.

Frowning at the distance, he doesn't bother trying to get a vehicle as he runs faster than them with his Inner Energy. Upping his Inner Energy to the max, his speed was increased immensely as he left afterimage one after another.

Even with how fast he was running, it was still a two city difference from where he was, so it took him nearly 3 hours to get there. Still, the Lin family didn't actually do anything dangerous just yet, which was a relief to him.

Rushing to the huge black dot on his map, he wasn't shocked in the least to see his entire direct family here. His father, mother, eldest brother, second brother, third brother, eldest sister, second sister. There were also a few uncles and aunts, but he doesn't recall them that well.

There were 2 other groups with them, being from the Ao family and Bai family. Both of those families were allied to his Lin family, so it wasn't a surprise they were doing this together. While starting World War 3 will bring lots of deaths, it will also bring lots of profit to some people, such as these families.

Staying in Stealth, Lin Feng slowly moves around, looking for any indication of the nuclear bomb, he couldn't find anything. Looking towards the small building nearby, it was most likely within there. So, he slowly moved towards that building.

Just as he was about to sneakily open the door and enter the building, he stepped on something invisible and knew it was bad news. An alarm suddenly sounded, alerting everyone within the vicinity.

To make matters worse, whatever he stepped on somehow made his Stealth disappear, leaving him in his Reaper outfit in plain view for all to see. Hundreds of eyes suddenly looked in his direction, which caused him to shiver slightly.

He was about to run off as fast as he could, but before he could even move from his spot he was attacked from all directions. A sniper from the back and both sides, along with hundreds of people arms with swords and knives rushing towards him from all sides, he was given no chance of escape.

Bringing his sword out from his Inventory, he met those rushing at him head on, instantly decimating them. The difference in strength between them all and him was as clear as day, but there were at the minimum 700 people surrounding him, which he has no idea where they were even hiding for him to not see them earlier.

As he was cutting someone attacking him in half, he felt an immense crisis assault him, and he knew what it was. Spinning on the spot, he jumped into the air, dodging a dozen bullets shot from snipers. Landing on the ground again, he once again rushed at those surrounding him, slashing his sword as fast as he can, cutting an arm here, a leg the, a neck here and a chest there. He cut whoever he could wherever he could.

While much stronger than them all, he was still just one man. Soon, wounds on different sizes began accumulating on his body, which slowed him down greatly from blood loss. Still, as if he couldn't feel pain, he kept killing everyone he got to, eventually scaring those attacking him. Still, they continued to attack him as they could tell he was getting heavily injured.

Due to his exhaustion, Lin Feng made a fatal mistake while dodging, causing him to slip on a dismembered arm, making him fall off balance. Those attacking him took the given chance and rushed him with their weapons, while those snipers in the background shot their bullets as fast as they could.

He quickly jumped back up off the ground, but he was still too slow. A bullet shot through one of this legs and the top of his back, while a sword removed his left arm from his body.

Gritting his teeth in pain, Lin Feng didn't despair and quickly thrust his sword out, cutting those immediately around him into bloody pieces. Standing up shakily, he clenched his sword in his right hand, deciding it was time to use that move.

Not being able to see clearly, he just raised his sword, and gathered all of his remaining Inner Energy onto it, firing out a massive blast of Inner Energy for the second time from it. Since he couldn;t see clearly due to the blood covering his face and eyes, how could he of known his attack was heading directly to that small building?

It soon swallowed the building after swallowing those who were in the path, which caused the faces of everyone on site to change to horror. Noticing that, Lin Feng stared at where he shot his Inner Energy attack, and his face changed as well.

'Ah... From the faces of everyone here, the nuclear bomb is inside there. Then... I guess this is the end for me. Lin Min... Goodbye.'

Closing his eyes, a massive explosion swallowed his and everyone still alive nearby, the nuclear bomb having been activated due to his attack.

A massive mushroom cloud appeared within the sky as everywhere within 870 square miles was caught in a firestorm, everything burning to ashes. Lin Feng, the Lin family, Ao family, Bai family and all those attackers, they were all instantly burned to death.
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Even in his last moments, Lin Feng's only regret was Lin Min, who he couldn't watch grow up any longer, and the System that granted him a new life, he won't be able to assist it any longer with it's missions.

Then, his consciousness finally disappeared as his body turned to ash, signing to the end of his entire being.

What he didn't know was, that after he died, the world seemed to have shattered, cracks appearing throughout the skies of the entire world. Earthquakes erupted everywhere, volcanoes spewed lava everywhere, and tsunamis washed everything away.

Along with his death, everything in the world was killed, even the world itself.

[Lin Feng, Host to the Universal Mercenary System has died. As the world was merely his cage, he will begin his true adventure in Atlan, the world of Fantasy.]

[********** has given permission for Lin Feng to hold all memories of this caged life in the next one.]

[Recreation of Lin Feng's body has been successful.]

[Transferring his consciousness to his recreated body in Atlan.]

[Breaking the caged world, everything will restart from the beginning. All Stats reset to the lowest rank, Rank reset to none, all Skills removed.]

[The ending of the caged world is merely the beginning of a true life.]

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