Universal Mercenary System
16 Chapter 16
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Universal Mercenary System
Author :Yue_Hajime
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16 Chapter 16


Lin Feng was suddenly woken up by a small body jumping onto his stomach, causing him to groan. He opened his eyes and saw an excited Lin Min looking at him, and he could only laugh wryly as he patted her head.

"I'm back, Min."

"Mh! Why didn't you wake me up when you got home! That way, I could see you earlier!"

Seeing Lin Min pouting, Lin Feng laughed heartily and hugged her while he sat upon the bed. She pounced on him and hugged him around his neck, laughing happily. He played around with her for a few minutes before he got up to take a shower, and check the screen he ignored yesterday.

[You completed the mission. You obtained 7 Stat Points and 300 points.]

[Your Rank increased from Silver to Light Gold.]

'What a huge reward! As for ranking up, I figured that would happen.'

Drying himself off with a towel, Lin Feng left the shower and went back to his room, grabbing a set of clothes to wear. Yawning, he went downstairs and began cooking breakfast, checking his Status while he was at it.

[Name: Lin Feng

-Gender: Male

-Race: Human

-Age: 18

-Rank: Light Gold

-Strength: D

-Agility: D

-Dexterity: D

-Endurance: D-

-Vitality: C+

-Wisdom: E-

-Intelligence: E-

-Skills: Danger Perception, Marksmanship, Martial Arts, Sword Arts, Cooking, Night Vision, Hawk Eye

-Points: 1035

-Stat Points: 7]

'Hm, lets put 3 Stat Points into strength, 3 into Dexterity and the last one into intelligence.'

[Strength increased from D > C+]

[Dexterity increased from D > C+]

[Intelligence increased from E- > E]

'Right, since I have over 1000 points, I should take a look at the skill shop to see if there is any other skills I should buy that would be useful. Ah, I will do that after breakfast.'

After he finished cooking breakfast, Lin Feng called both Lin Min and Lin Fu to the kitchen to help him carry the food to the basement, where the 10 kids he took in are at. He was surprised when he saw that they all increased their strength greatly, but when he thought about it, it had been a year already, so it would be weird if they didn't increase their strength.

Speaking of strength increasing, from what he could tell, Lin Min is well aware of her Inner Energy and is training in it properly, which relieved him. He was a bit worried about that since he went to the other world for a year shortly after she got the Inner Energy, but he forgot that Lin Fu is an expert with Inner Energy.

Everyone seemed to be quite excited about finally being able to eat his food again as they all gobbled it down within minutes, causing him to laugh silently. After breakfast was done, Lin Min was sent to school by Lin Fu while the other kids went to train. Sitting in a chair, Lin Feng finally brought up the skills shop.

[Skill Shop


-Sword Mastery(60 points)

-Spear Mastery(60 points)

-Axe Mastery(60 points)

-Knife Mastery(60 points)

-Driving(50 points)

-Piloting(80 points)

-Martial Arts(Purchased)

-Night Vision(Purchased)

-Hawk Eye(Purchased)

-Stealth(200 points)

-Shadow Movement(250 points)

-Summon Wings(720 points)

-Danger Perception(Purchased)

-Healing(350 points)


-Blink(500 points)]

'Hmm. I am mainly an assassin right now, so I should buy both Stealth and Shadow Movement, leaving me with 585 points. Lets buy Blink as well then, just in case a dangerous situation comes up and I need to escape.'

[You purchased Stealth: Turn your body invisible until you touch or attack someone.]

[You purchased Shadow Movement: As long as you are within a shadow, or if it is nighttime, you can move faster at all times.]

[You purchased Blink: Teleport anywhere within 350 meters of your original position.]

'Stealth lets me stay invisible as long as I don't touch or attack someone? That is probably one of the most useful skills for me. As for Shadow Movement, it is also good, but it is only usable in dark places or at night, so it isn't that great. As for Blink, it is a great life-saving skill to have.'

Knowing the use of his three skills, Lin Feng had an approving smile on his face. He stood up and was about to join the group of kids in training when the System popped up suddenly.

[A new mission has appeared. Your task is to assassinate Mu Fei, the Young Master of the Mu clan. Bring his head to the marked location on the map.]

His mouth twitched. He didn't think he would get a mission this early in the morning, but he couldn't do anything about it. With an annoyed sigh, Lin Feng left the basement and put his outfit on, jumping out of the window.

He thought for a while and used Stealth, his body instantly turning invisible. Since he was going to assassinate someone, he might as well make use of the best assassination skill there is. Jumping across roofs for a few minutes, he got to the place where Mu Fei is currently at.

Looking at the building, it seems that Mu Fei is sleeping, as he is currently at a hotel. Searching what room he is in with the map, Lin Feng jumped up the hotel wall and silently broke a window with nobody inside and climbed into the hotel room.

The room he got into is directly across of Wu Fei's room, so Lin Feng opened the door to the hotel room he was in and when making sure nobody was around, he opened Wu Fei's hotel room and silently entered the room, still under the effect of Stealth.

On the bed is a 20 or so year old young man with a naked girl sleeping soundly. Ignoring the girl, Lin Feng knocked her out and raised his hand, his dagger appearing in hand. Without hesitation, Lin Feng brought his dagger down, letting it drop onto the sleeping form of Wu Fei.

Without a chance to scream, the dagger pierced Wu Fei's chest, stabbing his heart. Waiting for a while, he pulled the dagger out and a gush of blood blasted out of the wound on his chest, which Lin Feng dodged, not interested in getting covered in blood.

Looking at the dagger in his hand, and then Wu Fei's neck, Lin Feng wryly smiled and threw his dagger back into the Inventory, taking his sword out instead and cleanly severed Wu Fei's head. Opening a sack he prepared earlier, he placed the head inside and jumped out of the window of Wu Fei's room, landing on the ground silently.

Before he landed on the ground, he activated Stealth again, so nobody saw him jump down from the hotel, or they would be scared silly. Yawning, Lin Feng ran towards the marked location on his map and got to a manor.

Looking at the map, he found the marked area to be in a room of the manor, so he jumped over the big fence and ran around the manor, finally finding the room he is supposed to leave the head at. The window is conveniently open, so he jumped up and landed inside the room.

Sitting inside the room was a 20 something year old young man who looked nervous. Ignoring the young man, Lin Feng dropped the sack with Wu Fei's head onto the floor and disappeared out of the window with a gust of wind, startling the young man inside.

He didn't bother staying to see the young mans reaction, and he jumped over the fence again, jumping across roofs to get back home. By the time he got home and got into his room through his window, the System informed him of his mission completion.

[You completed the mission. You obtained 3 Stat Points and 100 points.]

'That's surprising. I thought I would get less since that mission was too easy. Well, it works for me. Lets put 1 Stat Point into intelligence and the other 2 into wisdom.'

[Intelligence increased from E > E+]

[Wisdom increased from E- > E+]

Lin Feng was still a bit tired, so after putting his outfit back into his Inventory, he lay down on the bed and took a short nap, not forgetting to set an alarm on his clock.

A few hours later, his alarm sounded and he instantly woke up, shutting the alarm off. Sitting up, he stretched his body and didn't feel tired anymore, which was good. Looking at the time, it was already 3 pm, so he left the house to go pick Lin Min up.

He walked at a normal pace, so by the time he got to the school, Lin Min was just leaving. When she saw him, she smiled and hopped over to him excitedly, clinging onto his arm and dragging him through the school gate.

"Brother, can we get ice cream on the way home? I saw a popular shop on the way to school!"

"Sure, we will get ice cream on the way home."

A bit surprised, Lin Feng smiled gently at Lin Min and agreed to her request. After he agreed, Lin Min let out an excited yelp and dragged him to the ice cream shop she saw, ordering a big strawberry ice cream, while Lin Feng got a vanilla one.

They ate the ice cream while sitting on a nearby bench. Relaxing like this made Lin Feng feel wonderful, since he has been constantly doing missions for the System for over a year, and he hasn't relaxed like this for a while.

"Min, do you want to go watch a movie?"

"Really?! Lets go, lets go!"

Happy at the sudden request, Lin Min instantly agreed to watch a movie. She wanted to do something with Lin Feng today since he just got back and she missed him, but she didn't expect him to bring it up before her!

Looking at the giggling Lin Min, Lin Feng had a gentle smile on his face as he followed behind her to the movie theater. He let her choose a movie, and she picked a princess movie just like the last time, causing him to laugh slightly.

The movie lasted about 3 hours and Lin Feng was bored by the end of it, while Lin Min was still smiling when it was done. He could only shake his head, wondering how this movie was interesting. Still, since she liked it, he didn't mind.

When they got home, it was already around dinnertime, so Lin Feng entered the kitchen and began cooking a big meal. An hour later, everyone is in the basement again, eating a the dinner he made. This time, nobody rushed to eat and they only finished after another hour.

By this time, it is already around 10 pm, so Lin Min and the other kids are tired. Not minding it, Lin Feng went upstairs with Lin Min and they fell asleep after a few minutes, as Lin Min is tired and Lin Feng slept out of habit.
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    《Universal Mercenary System》