Universal Mercenary System
15 Chapter 15
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Universal Mercenary System
Author :Yue_Hajime
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15 Chapter 15

When Lin Feng opened his eyes, he found himself laying on a bed, which confused him. He frowned and remembered that he unleashed the beam from his sword, killing the group of enemies with it before he fainted. He wanted to sit up but as stopped by the System.

[You completed the mission. You obtained 5 Stat Points and 400 points.]

[You completed the hidden mission. You obtained 2 Stat Points and 150 points.]

[You absorbed an enemies Inner Energy, increasing your Inner Energy by 40 years.]


A bit surprised, Lin Feng let out a sound of confusion. After a while, he begins to laugh softly. He could already feel the increase in his Inner Energy without the System needing to tell him, and it nearly doubled.

As for the mission completions, he truly did not expect them. He didn't get a mission alert during that fight, so he is surprised about it. Still, he just chuckles softly and uses his 7 Stat Points just gained before bringing up his Status.

[Agility increased from E+ > D.]

[Dexterity increased from E > D]

[Endurance increased from E > D-]

[Name: Lin Feng

-Gender: Male

-Race: Human

-Age: 17

-Rank: Silver

-Strength: D

-Agility: D

-Dexterity: D

-Endurance: D-

-Vitality: D

-Wisdom: E-

-Intelligence: E-

-Skills: Danger Perception, Marksmanship, Martial Arts, Sword Arts, Cooking, Night Vision, Hawk Eye

-Points: 735

-Stat Points: 0]

Lin Feng instantly felt a surge of strength spread throughout his body once he got all of his stats except for two into the D rank, which excited him. If he fought that man in yellow armor again, although he wouldn't necessarily win, he wouldn't lose as badly as before.

He sat up and looked around the room, noticing it is just a normal Inn room. He spotted his sword leaning against a nearby desk, so he stood up and picked it up. Upon picking it up, he instantly frowned because he could feel that the sword was less durable than before.

'System, what is wrong with my sword?'

[Your sword has been damaged due to you using the special ability of it. There are only a total of 3 uses for the special ability, and after it has been used for a third time, the sword will shatter.]

'So that's what it is. No wonder the sword only cost 150 points, with such a strong ability, it should cost a lot more. Now it makes sense it was so cheap, the sword will break after three uses before it breaks.'

He put his sword into his Inventory feeling glad he decided to buy this specific sword. If he didn't buy this sword earlier, he would of certainly died here today, with no chance to fight back against that man.

Thinking about it made Lin Feng sigh in frustration. He thought he was already strong enough, but after fighting that man in yellow armor from before, he knew he was wrong. He might be strong, but there are always people stronger than him around.

'Hah, whatever. I can continue to get stronger by completing the missions issued to me, and situations won't be happening like this once I become stronger and stronger.'

Lin Feng returned to his usual self shortly after and stood up, walking to the door of his room and opening it. He instantly saw 2 guards that were part of the group, and when they saw him standing at the door, both of them showed excited expressions on their faces.

"Ah! You are awake, that's great! We were all worried when you fainted after the fight, and it has already been 4 days!"

"It's been 4 days already? Well, at least I lived. Where are the others?"

"Ah, yes! The Eldest Princess, Youngest Princess and the General are all currently downstairs having breakfast!"

Lin Feng nodded and went downstairs, and he instantly spotted the other three sitting at a table not far away from the stairs, eating breakfast. He could tell that they were all worried, which is most likely because of him.

He smiled slightly and walked over to them, and when they saw him walking over, they all instantly stood up with excited looks on their faces, similar to the two guards from before. Seeing this, Lin Feng could only shake his head and sigh with a slight smile on his face.

"You are okay! That's great, we were all worried about you when you didn't wake up for so long!"

The Youngest Princess instantly started smiling and waving her hands around like a child, causing Lin Feng to smile slightly as she reminded him of Lin Min. He laughed and sat down at the table, joining them for breakfast.

Shortly later, they left the Inn and got onto the carriage, which started moving shortly later. They originally wanted to stay and let Lin Feng rest to recover, but when they saw that he was perfectly fine already, they changed their minds and left shortly later.

For the next 5 months, nothing much happened along the way. They encountered the occasional savage beast groups, but nothing major enough that Lin Feng needed to fight personally. There were no missions along the way, so Lin Feng knew it was fine.

Finally, they entered a gloomy looking forest and, by looking at the expressions on the other three in the carriage, Lin Feng could tell this is their destination. Sure enough, a few hours later, the carriage stopped and they all got out of the carriage.

There was a shrine like thing further ahead with stairs leading down somewhere, which everyone went down. When they got to the bottom, Lin Feng suddenly moved in front of the Eldest Princess and stabbed out with his sword, and a hissing sound was heard at the other end of his sword.

Bringing the sword back, everyone could see a small black snake stuck on Lin Feng's sword, causing the faces of everyone to change. Even Lin Feng could tell this snake was extremely poisonous, so he was a bit worried that there would be more, but surprisingly enough, there were no more of the snakes on the way to the end of the shrine like place.

There was a small wooden box that looked withered sitting on a small stone monument, and the Eldest Princess instantly ran forward and picked it up, her expression one of joy. As soon as she picked up the box, Lin Feng instantly knew something was wrong.

He pulled out his sword and ran at the Eldest Princess, shocking everyone. Before they could react, Lin Feng stabbed out a few times around the Eldest Princess, causing more hissing sounds to be heard by everyone, which made their faces pale.

Looking closer, they could all clearly see a massive group of black snakes slithering towards them from a few holes in the walls, causing them to panic. Lin Feng grabbed onto the Eldest Princess and threw her onto his shoulder and he began running towards the stairs.

Not far behind him, the General also picked up the Youngest Princess and began running shortly after Lin Feng, followed by the guards. From behind, Lin Feng could hear some of the guards screaming in pain, so he picked up his pace and ran quicker.

Finally, they got to the stairs, which Lin Feng and the General instantly rushed up as fast as they could, reaching the top within a few seconds. They ran further from the stairway, and a few guards poured out from the stairway as well.

They watched closer and the black snakes seemed to not want to come out, and they slithered back down the stairs and into the cave like area from before, causing everyone, including Lin Feng, to release a sigh of relief.

Just as Lin Feng was about to speak to the remaining group, the System issued a mission to him, and his expression steeled upon reading it.

[A new mission has appeared. Protect the Eldest Princess and don't allow the enemies to obtain the wooden box from her.]

Right after getting his mission, his map was filled with red dots, meaning enemies were here. Seeing the amount of red dots, even Lin Feng's expression paled slightly. He grit his teeth and instantly gripped his sword tighter, hiding the Eldest Princess behind him.

Seeing his actions, how could the General not know something was wrong? He followed Lin Feng's actions and drew his sword, hiding the Youngest Princess behind him. He also ordered the guards to stand guard, and they positioned themselves in front of them.

Not long later, rustling could be heard from the trees and bushes all around them and a large group of black clothed people surrounded them from all directions. They didn't even wait for the group to react before they all began rushing towards them.

The remaining guards attempted to block them, but they were quickly cut down by the black clothed assassins. Lin Feng easily cut any assassins who got near him down, but the sheer amount of them resulted in him sustaining injuries all over his body.

The old General wasn't any better, in fact, he was worse. Due to his old age, his movements were slowed, not to mention the amount of enemies he had to face. Seeing the situation getting bad, Lin Feng grit his teeth and led the two Princess's down the stairs, followed by the old General.

The assassins naturally followed them down, and Lin Feng could spot the black snakes coming out of the holes in the walls already. He suddenly thought of a plan, and he dragged the Princess's to the stone monument, putting them onto it and turning around to look at the assassins.

Lin Feng didn't wait for them to react and ran at them, slashing his sword out swiftly. A few assassins were instantly split in half at the waist, while a few lost their heads. Still, Lin Feng couldn't block every attack sent his way, and he was soon filled with wounds from the assassins weapons.

Thankfully, their weapons were not poisoned, or Lin Feng would have a harder time dealing with them. After cutting another 3 assassins in half, a massive group of black snakes suddenly started springing towards the group of assassins and Lin Feng, catching everyone but Lin Feng off guard.

As soon as the snakes sprung towards them, Lin Feng cut the few that jumped at him in half and then jumped back to the other three at the stone monument, while the black snakes assaulted the group of assassins.

Taking this chance to recover from his injuries with his vitality, Lin Feng watched as the group of assassins quickly fell to the poisonous black snakes. Not long later, the group of assassins dwindled from the original 40 or so to a mere 7.

All of the black snakes were killed, but the remaining 7 assassins were already poisoned by the snakes. Taking this chance, Lin Feng rushed at them and cut them all down while they were too weak to block or dodge. After cutting down the last assassin, the System popped up.

[You completed the mission. You obtained 4 Stat Points and 200 points.]

"Hah, we are safe now. We should leave quickly."

Lin Feng urged them on, and the Princess's and General all heaved a sigh of relief and followed Lin Feng out of the cave like area and up the stairs. Lin Feng and the two Princess's got onto the carriage while the General sat outside and drove the carriage.

Now that they were finally back onto the carriage, Lin Feng could finally relax himself. He sustained a lot of injuries this battle, and even with his vitality he couldn't heal them all in a short time. Thinking about it briefly, he decided to put all 4 Stat Points into his vitality.

[Vitality rose from D > C+]

Instantly, Lin Feng could feel all of his wounds close up within seconds, which shocked even him, not to mention the two Princess's. Even though they were shocked, they didn't say anything and just looked at him weirdly, which he just smiled in return.

The journey back to the Empire was a safe one. Other than a few savage beasts disturbing them, there were no more attacks on them on the way back, which relieved everyone. When they finally got back to the Empire, Lin Feng stayed with the group until they got back to the palace and he finally left after having dinner with them.

He left the palace at night and walked around, entering an alleyway shortly after, and a white light covered his body, teleporting him from the alleyway. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself back on Earth, back at his house.

He heard the System bring something up, but he ignored it and went straight up to his room instantly, and seeing Lin Min sleeping soundly on the bed, he smiled slightly and lay down beside her on the bed, falling asleep almost instantly as he was exhausted from the year in the other world.

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