Universal Mercenary System
14 Chapter 14
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Universal Mercenary System
Author :Yue_Hajime
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14 Chapter 14

Once Lin Feng woke up, he stretched his body. He grabbed a bucket and filled it with water and used a cloth to wash himself. Another downside of another world, no showers for him to use. He sighed and dressed up after washing.

He went downstairs and saw that the Eldest Princess, the Youngest Princess and the old man were already sitting down at a table. They greeted him when they saw him and he sat down at their table, eating the food that was served to him by the Inn.

It was a type of boar soup, and it tasted pretty good, so Lin Feng finished eating it pretty quickly. They didn't speak to him, so Lin Feng kept quiet all the way until they left the Inn and boarded the carriage stationed outside.

Lin Feng was put onto the same carriage as the princesses and the old man, while the guards walked alongside the carriage, protecting it if something happens. Lin Feng figured that they would be attacked that day, but nothing actually happened for an entire week, which made him put his guard up even more.

He is supposed to protect this Princess for a year, but no attacks have happened for a while week. This doesn't make sense, so Lin Feng raised his guard rather than lowering it like most would. Sure enough, on the afternoon of the eighth day, Lin Feng was given a new mission.

[A mission has been created. Defend the group from the savage beasts.]

Although it was a short description, he could already figure out the situation from it. He suddenly opened his eyes and jumped out of the carriage, staring at the forest near them. Due to his sudden actions, the carriage stopped and the other three got off.

"What is it? Why did you suddenly jump off?"

The old man asked Lin Feng once they walked over to him. He was surprised when the young man suddenly jumped off the carriage, but he raised his guard, as the young man wouldn't jump off for no reason.

"Savage beasts."

A simple reply, but serious results. The face of the Youngest Princess paled greatly, while the Eldest Princess's only paled slightly. The old man instantly took out his sword, while the guard escort all took out their weapons and warily looked towards the forest.

A few minutes later, they could all clearly hear the rumbling coming from the forest, signifying the arrival of the savage beasts. Nearly all the guards were sweating and some even gulped their saliva down, tightening the grip on their weapons.

Lin Feng could feel that the situation was very dangerous, so he took out his sword without delay and readied himself for the attack. Barely a minute passed before the savage beasts swarmed out of the forest, rushing towards the group.

There were all types of savage beasts. Boars and bears to tigers and foxes. There was even a few large snakes, which caused even Lin Feng to feel danger, not to mention a bunch of guards who aren't strong to begin with.

Lin Feng gripped his sword and revolved his Inner Energy, then he disappeared from his spot and appeared above a giant bear, cleanly severing it's head with his sword. He didn't stop there and continued to stab and slash his sword at the savage beasts around him, removing limbs or heads from them constantly.

Before the guards could even react, Lin Feng had killed dozens of beasts from the group, which raised the morale of the guards, who rushes into the fray while shouting loudly, all raising their weapons against the savage beats.

Lin Feng couldn't bother about the guards, as he was soon tied down by two large snakes, unable to assist the guards nor kill any more beasts until he dealt with the snakes, which would be difficult, but not impossible.

Lin Feng sucked in and held his breath before he rushed at the first snake, his sword striking out like a shadow, piercing into the snakes body. Even though his sword pierced the snakes body, Lin Feng frowned slightly as he felt his sword blocked by the inner scales of the snake.

He didn't stop there, though. He kept swinging his sword at the snake, each hitting the exact same spot each time. Eventually, the scale cracked and the snakes flesh was exposed, which Lin Feng stabbed into, sinking his sword deeply into the snakes body.

He then quickly removed his sword from the snake and blocked the tail from the second snake. Although he blocked it, he was still sent flying backwards by the sheer force of the blow, and he felt his organs shake slightly.

Luckily, he already incapacitated the first snake, or else he would stand no chance against both snakes. He opened his mouth and greedily sucked in air. The move he just did was part of the Lin family Sword Arts, which has one hold in their breath and use their oxygen to increase their strikes for a brief time.

He didn't really want to use this move, as it will leave him feeling weak for a while after, but he realized he didn't have a choice when the snakes came at him. Luckily, only one snake attacked him, or he would be injured by now.

He continued to dodge the pouncing snake and stab out with his sword a few times, striking at the second snakes head constantly. Eventually, he managed to pierce the snakes eye, and taking this chance, Lin Feng used all his strength to push the sword deeper, and he felt the sword crack the snakes skull, which let Lin Feng relax.

He sighed out in relief and removed his sword from the now dead snake, and by this time, the first snake already died as well. He caught his breath and looked over to the guards who were fighting the rest of the savage beasts.

He could see that a few dozen of the guards had already died, while there were still dozens of savage beasts left, which caused his to sigh and he ignored the feeling of weakness and rushed over to join the fight.

Thankfully, none of the savage beasts could block his attacks like the giant snakes, so Lin Feng easily killed any savage beast he passed, and 20 minutes later, the remaining savage beasts were killed off by Lin Feng and the guards.

By the end of the fight, around 40 guards had died, which caused Lin Feng to sigh. The old man couldn't join the fight since he had to protect the princesses, but seeing the dead guards, his eyes were red in rage.

All those guards were trained by him personally, so seeing many of them die like this, how could he now feel mad? Lin Feng could understand his feelings, but he didn't know how to pacify him, so he ended up only patting the old mans shoulder and sat down in the carriage while the dead guards got buried by the other guards.

[You completed the mission. You gained 5 Stat Points and 120 points.]

'What a large reward!'

Lin Feng was surprised. This was the largest reward he has ever gotten from a mission, and he felt excited. The five Stat Points were extremely useful, since he could strengthen himself even further, which would help him deal with situations like these. He thought for a while and put 2 points into Wisdom and 3 into Strength before bringing up his Status.

[Wisdom increased from F > E-]

[Strength increased from E > D]

[Name: Lin Feng

-Gender: Male

-Race: Human

-Age: 17

-Rank: Silver

-Strength: D

-Agility: E+

-Dexterity: E

-Endurance: E

-Vitality: D

-Wisdom: E-

-Intelligence: E-

-Skills: Danger Perception, Marksmanship, Martial Arts, Sword Arts, Cooking, Night Vision

-Points: 185

-Stat Points: 0]

Looking at his stats, Lin Feng let out a small smile. He saw that he has a lot of points, so he brought up the shop and decided to by Hawk Eye now, since he has enough points for it.

[You purchased Hawk Eye: Activate Hawk Eye to get a view of the surrounding 50 meters from the sky.]

'Just like I thought. This would be very useful during group attacks, just in case someone tries to sneak up from behind.'

Lin Feng was satisfied with the use of the new skill. Although he knew it would be something like this, having this skill in the world where he cannot use modern weapons would help him greatly, since he can avoid any ambushes.

A few more minutes passed and the princess's and old man got back onto the carriage, and it started moving shortly later. Nobody spoke inside and it was slightly gloomy, but the old man eventually spoke.

"Thank you for keeping so many of the guards alive. Although you didn't save all of them, I am thankful you kept most of them alive by assisting in the fight."

"No need for thanks. I was just doing my job. I was payed to protect the Eldest Princess for a year, after all."

Lin Feng waved his hand at the old man and leaned back against the carriage, closing his eyes. He was a bit tired after that big fight, and while the injuries he sustained were already healed thanks to his high vitality, his vitality can't cure exhaustion.

He let out a sigh and let himself drift off to sleep. Although he was sleeping, he kept 80% of his awareness active just in case something happens, so that he can react in time and not be delayed due to sleep.

Like this, a month passed with no more fights. There were the occasional bandits around, but as soon as they saw the group of guards, they backed off instantly out of fear. No bandits would be stupid enough to attack a heavily armed group, after all.

They were currently taking a break and sitting around outside to eat their lunch as usual. The gloomy atmosphere about the guards death from a month ago already passed by, and the guards are back to their cheery selves now.

Lin Feng was sitting down beside the Eldest Princess, eating his soup. He had just finished his soup when he felt something wrong, causing him to frown and subconsciously activate his Hawk Eye, which gave him vision of anywhere 50 meters surrounding them.

Instantly, he could see a large group armed with armor and weapons sneaking towards their group from the forest, causing him to jump up. Before he could even say anything, he felt the wind shrieking and instantly realized someone shot an arrow towards the Eldest Princess.

Lin Feng stood in front of the Eldest Princess and since he didn't have enough time to bring his sword out, he positioned his hands in front of his chest and he felt an impact barely a second later. The impact behind the arrow was so immense that he felt his body being sent flying backwards, and he smashed into a tree nearby.

The force behind the arrow already caused him to be injured and he nearly spat out a mouthful of blood, but he felt it in. But, when he smashed into the tree, it couldn't be held in anymore and he spat out a large mouthful of blood.

He looked down at the arrow and realized that there was nothing special about it, which means the archer who shot it has very strong Inner Energy, which worried Lin Feng. Although he did not have enough time to use his Inner Energy to help block, he could tell that the archer has Inner Energy not that much weaker than his own.

Realizing this made him extremely wary towards the group, and slightly nervous as well. He didn't expect that there would be someone so strong attacking the Eldest Princess, which worried him. He was heavily injured, but his high vitality already healed most of the injury, so he held onto the tree behind him and climbed up, looking towards the armed group that suddenly appeared.

"Oh~ Not bad! Someone could actually block Ni Fang's full strength arrow, how surprising. You should be the strongest one here, huh. Well, you are already heavily injured, so you can't do much anyways, hahaha!"

Looking at the middle aged man in yellow armor, Lin Feng frowned. Although the man was hiding it greatly, Lin Feng could still tell that the man was actually stronger than him! This caused his face to turn bad, which the man noticed.

"Oh? You can actually see through my strength. You must be pretty strong, but so what? You can tell I am stronger than you!"

Hearing this, the old man and the princesses all looked back at him, but when they saw his black face and with him not replying, how could they not notice it was the truth. Realizing this, they could feel their hearts sink. The young man was the strongest person they ever saw before, but there was someone stronger than him here.

"Am I going to die here? Before I could even successfully obtain what is rightfully mine?"

The Eldest Princess muttered. She didn't expect that she would die before she could even obtain what is rightfully hers, causing her to feel depressed. The man heard her and laughed loudly at her.

"Hahahaha, little princess! You didn't really think that you could obtain that thing, did you? Don't be so naive! If you got that, wouldn't my country be doomed? As if we would let you obtain it!"

Lin Feng was curious about what this item was exactly, but now was not the time for that. He was already fully healed now, so he stood up straight and walked over to stand by the old man, standing in front of the princesses.

"Hm, your injuries actually healed already! What type of heavenly medicine did you consume? How inconceivable!"

Lin Feng ignored him and took out his sword, holding it in front of him. He knew this would be the most dangerous fight of his life, and he is most likely going to die here, but he still has to fight. He looked at the old man and gave him a signal before rushing at the man in yellow armor with his full speed.

Although the man was a bit surprised by the speed of Lin Feng, he still blocked the sword strike easily. Lin Feng expected this, so he pulled his sword back and unleashed a flurry of sword strikes, but the man blocked every single one of them, which caused his face to turn gloomy.

He didn't expect that he couldn't even hit the man once! The man also clearly blocked everything with ease, which caused Lin Feng to feel annoyed. Why is someone so damn strong attacking them! Lin Feng can't believe his bad luck.

First there was that middle aged assassin that nearly killed him before, now there is this man. Why does he find so many strong people? Wait, that's right! Lin Feng suddenly remembered about his sword, and his eyes lit up slightly.

He had forgot that he can use his Inner Energy to fire a beam of energy from his sword, which was stupid. He wanted to do it, but the man kept attacking him constantly, and Lin Feng had no chance to attack.

Eventually, the mans sword stabbed into Lin Feng's stomach since he couldn't block it, causing his face to pale and spit out blood. Lin Feng knew that he was heavily injured here, but this is also his chance.

While the man was distracted with speaking crap to Lin Feng, he gathered all his remaining Inner Energy and guided it to his sword, which actually completely absorbed it all, which shocked and excited Lin Feng.

He could then feel a huge amount of energy at the tip of his sword, and he could feel that it was about to be released, so he weakly raised his sword and pointed it at the mans chest, which caused the man to sneer.

"What, you want to attack again? Give it up, you can't do anything. Just watch as your princess dies he-"

Before he could finish his sentence, a massive amount of energy burst from the point on Lin Feng's sword, shooting out in a beam and piercing the mans chest. A giant whole was instantly created in the mans chest, which caused him to look down in disbelief.

That wasn't all, though. Behind him, all those soldiers of his were also struck by the beam, causing them to lose limbs or simply die outright. Nobody expected such a scene to happen, not even Lin Feng himself.

Although he expected the attack would be strong, he did not expect it would be this strong. Even though, he smiled since he knew he won. Before he could say anything, his vision suddenly blackened and he fainted.
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